Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Charlie's soapbox: Different Strokes

Click here to read Charlie's own account of the stroke he suffered on January 15th:

Not good news: Charlie suffers stroke

Despite the condition, the country legend will not cancel any shows.
John Hall
Charlie Daniels suffered a mild stroke this past Friday while snowboarding* in Colorado. The country music star noticed his left hand getting numb after getting off his snowmobile. When the left side of his face began growing numb as well, he quickly descended the mountain to check into Mercy Regional Medical Center in Durango.

By the time Daniels had checked in to Mercy Regional, he had lost so much coordination he had to be escorted in by wheelchair.

After initial treatments to loosen the blood clot, Daniels was airlifted to the Swedish Medical Center in Denver where tests confirmed that he had a stroke. He was released last Sunday.

Daniels, moved by the incident, recommended afterward that anyone believing they might be experiencing a stroke not procrastinate. "You only have three hours from the time you feel a stroke coming on," said Daniels. "Don't play with your life, get help."

*Note: He was snowmobiling.