Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Does Charlie Daniels Play a Mean Fiddle?

The new Charlie Daniels Gieco commercial is now available on youtube, in case you've missed it on ESPN...Check it out here!


Anonymous said...

Oh yes he does play a mean fiddle!
He can give any fiddler nowadays a run for their money--not too many come close except for dewey balfa & tommy jarrell of NC!!! Everybody else eat your heart out!! Whooeeee
yeah buddy!! Old time fiddlers are far and few between! ketch secor is getting there (OCMS)!!
patricia in tn

Anonymous said...

I forgot-Savannah Vaughn comes a close third! Your gonna have some competition charlie-smiles!!
patricia in tn

Anonymous said...

Yes, he does!
My question is how did the depicted violinist get a fiddle?

Or, why is the depicted violinist playing a fiddle?

IOW, the commercial is misleading, as in false advertising.


Matt said...

Hi Dino,

Let me dig into the CDB cannon and pull out this old number from '86 called "Boogie Woogie Fiddle Country Blues," which has the following lyrics.

'I met a man from Tennessee
This is what he said to me
He said, "Music is a rhapsody!"

'He picked up his violin
Stuck it underneath his chin
And started playin me a symphony

'I said that ain't the way it's done
Let me see that fiddle son
And I sawed him off a chorus or two

'He said you'd better call the doctor
'cause I think I've got the Rocking Boogie Woogie Fiddle Country Blues'

The above lyrics confirm the common conception that the fiddle and violin are the same instrument, but the method that it is played is what defines how it is referred to.

The other thing that may explain what you saw is that the violinist may have been a fiddler.

Charlie Daniels does play a mean fiddle, but what that has to do with car insurance I have no idea.