Monday, February 09, 2009

Tiger Woods names baby after Charlie

Tiger and Elin Woods welcomed their second child into the world Sunday night. Charlie Axel Woods joins sister Sam Alexis into the Woods fold. Everyone knows Tiger has been playing the fiddle since he was 4-months-old and idolizes Charlie Daniels.

From the Golf channel.

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JOHN L SULAK said...

Oh no, he's gettin' the big pot! You see, I like to cook. Usually, stews, gumbo, soups, and chili are on my menu. Anyway, when I decide to whip up one of these items my wife, my daughters, or my relatives shout, "Get the heck outta th' kitchen! Th' ol' man has got th' big pot!" They give me a lot of humorous grief and it's all in fun, but usually, they like what I cook. Now one thing I've learned in this cookin' process are basically three things:

1. Constantly taste your concoction, during the process, over and over again and add spices appropriately.
2. Get, at least, two opinions. Yours and someone else's, but one that will give you an honest answer.
3. Once the two decisions have been made, that it is good, DO NOT, and this important, TRY TO MAKE IT BETTER by adding more spices to it. You will ruin it every time.

Well, these three things have brought me to the point that I'm trying to make: The Washington DC politicians absolutely do not know how to turn the burner off and quit adding things to the pot! I mean, they haven't "cooked" a good meal in a long, long, time. They have, "Spoiled dinner! Ruined lunch! Demolished breakfast! And their snacks are terrible!" No one wants to eat at their house anymore! Folks are sayin', "Never mind! I'll just grab a burger or hot dog." Their meals are just THAT hard to swallow.

Now I'm about to show you what I mean. I just gotta show you this one folks. It's a real booger! You see, I went through some proposed legislation from our Congress and just picked one at random. This will show you how NUTS politicians are! I'd love to pick any politician, in Congress, at random, and let them try to explain this to you. Anyway, this is ACTUAL, proposed legislation and I'll let you read it for yourself:

1/6/2009--Introduced. Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009 - Amends the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to declare that an unlawful employment practice occurs when: (1) a discriminatory compensation decision or other practice is adopted; (2) an individual becomes subject to the decision or practice; or (3) an individual is affected by application of the decision or practice, including each time compensation is paid. Accrues liability, and an aggrieved person may obtain relief including recovery of back pay for up to two years preceding the filing of the charge, where the unlawful employment practices that have occurred during the charge filing period are similar or related to practices that occurred outside the time for filing a charge. Applies the amendments of this paragraph to claims of compensation discrimination under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Amends the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 to declare that an unlawful practice occurs when a discriminatory compensation decision or other practice is adopted when a person becomes subject to the decision or other practice, or when a person is affected by the decision or practice, including each time compensation is paid.

Uhhhhhh, huh? Makes you just wanna go, "Bbbbbbllllllllaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh", don't it? What did it say? Can you run that one by me just once more, partner? You're gonna do what? Now keep in mind that these politicians ain't the sharpest tacks on the wall. They're really not! Remember? Get 'em off the imaginary pedestals you put them on! I can almost guarantee you that, at least, eighty percent of 'em can't figure out what this says. That is, if they read it or even study it. Now, there's more. Yeah, after George Miller from California sponsored THIS CONFUSING PIECE OF GARBLE, well, then the DC Gang had to PROCESS it and, yes, I have the process. This will also, blow your mind, and here it is:

01/06/2009: Referred to the House Committee on Education and Labor.
01/06/2009: Rules Committee Resolution passed by the House. Rule provides for consideration of H.R. 11 and H.R. 12. Motion to recommit allowed. H. Res.5 provides one hour of debate each for H.R. 11 and H.R. 12. Both bills are to be considered in the House.
01/09/2009: Considered under the provisions of rule H. Res. 5.
01/09/2009: Rule provides for consideration of H.R. 11 and H.R. 12. Motion to recommit allowed. H. Res.5 provides one hour of debate each for H.R. 11 and H.R. 12. Both bills are to be considered in the House.
01/09/2009: DEBATE - The House proceeded with one hour of debate on H.R. 11.
01/09/2009: The previous question was ordered pursuant to the rule.
01/09/2009: POSTPONED PROCEEDINGS - At the conclusion of debate on H.R. 11, the Chair put the question on passage and by voice vote, announced that the ayes had prevailed. Mr. George Miller of California demanded the yeas and nays, and further proceedings on the question of passage were postponed until later in the legislative day.
01/09/2009: Considered as unfinished business.
01/09/2009: Motion to reconsider laid on the table Agreed to without objection.
01/09/2009: On passage Passed by the Yeas and Nays: 247 - 171 (Roll no. 9).
01/12/2009: Received in the Senate.
02/11/2009: Read twice and referred to the Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions.
03/06/2009: Referred to the Subcommittee on Health, Employment, Labor, and Pensions.

Two solid months on this thing, and the last thing they did was refer it to a sub-committee, they just love them committees and sub-committees, don't they? Heck, they probably got sub sub and sub sub sub-committees just waitin', in th' wings, for their chance at the "big time!" Yeah, this is your tax dollars at work folks, and this is just one piece of legislation, there are plenty more where this came from. Oh, and there are one hundred and ninety-five co-sponsors(195) and they are all Democrats. Not one single Republican. Bi-partisan my eye Hussein O! Hey, but let me tell you why there are so many co-sponsors. You see, co-sponsors usually don't do a dang thing, but use the fact that they are co-sponsors later. The legislation has to do with Civil Rights, Discrimination, Disabilities, and Rehabilitation, so it's kinda a good "heart string puller" for politicians. Yeah, You can almost hear it now, "Mr. Representative what is your stance on Civil Rights?" "Well, you see, I'm a strong advocate on Civil Rights. In fact, I just "co-sponsored" the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009, which deals directly with protecting Civil Rights." You see how it works? Pretty nifty, huh? Politics is all about taking someone else's credit, and don't forget it. "Here comes the orator! With his flood of words, and his drop of reason." --Benjamin Franklin

Now this legislation may be good or it may be bad. I really don't know. I just wanted to show you how your dollars are being wasted, every single day, by a bunch of "slackers", "buck pushers", and "loose dollar spenders"! Good song title, huh? Hey, Charlie Daniels! You listenin'? Anyway, if you want to see all the legislation that is being "worked on" and I use that phrase very loosely, you can go to the left of this article, under "Recommended Sites" and click on ROLL CALL. Once in, click on legislation at the top. You will be amazed.

Until next time, when I give you some more of my opinions, this is TH' DUMB OL' EAST TEXAS BOY sayin', "Y'all be careful out there."