Friday, April 18, 2008

Charlie Daniels Goes to College

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April 15, 2008 - Charlie Daniels once gave Satan a figurative lesson or two in the storyline of 'The Devil Went Down To Georgia.' Now Charlie's in line to be honored by an educational institution.
Cumberland University, in Lebanon, Tenn., plans to present Charlie and his wife, Hazel, with the Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award during the college's commencement ceremony May 3. The award, named for a Southerner noted for his philanthropy during the 1800s, recognizes the recipient for work on behalf of the community.
'Charlie and Hazel Daniels have always championed service above self and have led truly inspiring lives,' Cumberland President Harvill Eaton said.
'It is a very special thing to be honored by your friends and neighbors,' Charlie countered.
It's something that's become familiar to Charlie in the past few months. He was added to the Grand Ole Opry earlier this year, Country Radio Broadcasters presented him a Career Achievement Award, and the State of Tennessee gave him a certificate of merit during a party celebrating his 50th anniversary in the music business."


Anonymous said...

Mr. Charlie Daniels, I just wanted to tell you that I know that you made a difference with your address to the Cumberland graduates. I know because my cousin was one of the graduates, and his dad was talking about it at our weekly dinner at my grandmother's(a lost tradition in society today). My regret is that I could not be present at his graduation because I was at my own. Thank you for standing for God and America. Thank you for your remarks to the class of 2008!! God bless.

Cherokee said...

Mr Daniels,

When you get ready to run for President of the U. S. of A., You let me know!


W. David Cash