Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Trace Takes Advice From Charlie Daniels

Trace Takes Advice From Charlie Daniels (GAC)

February 6, 2008 — When Trace Adkins was considering the idea of writing a book about his social and political beliefs, he wasn't sure it would go over well with fans. So he consulted with another country singer who's unafraid to share his views: Charlie Daniels.

"I was worried about offending people," Trace told The Toronto Star, "and Charlie told me, 'The people that aren't gonna like you because of the book don't like you now, so you might as well go ahead.'"

As a result, Trace wrote A Personal Stand: Observations And Opinions From A Freethinking Roughneck, which combines tales from his own life with his take on the world at large.

Surprisingly, the book was actually inspired by someone from the other side of the political fence. That would be his manager, Ken Levitan.

"Politically," Trace said, "we're diametrically opposed. He's a liberal, and every conversation ends with him saying, 'You should write a book.' Well, I did, and I hope it helps others discover what our relationship is all about, what we should all be working for — just learning to get on with each other."

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