Thursday, December 06, 2007

Salinas, California Show

Salinas, California Show
So I was fortunate enough to catch another CDB show, close to home for me this time. It was as usual, excellent and the band was in top form. The set list is posted here, and this is the actual set list that was gaff taped to the floor right where Charlie was playing.

Before the show started I saw Bruce Brown hanging out talking to the guy in charge of merchandise, and spoke to him for a few minutes. He said he had a chance to walk around Old Town Salinas and really enjoyed it. My friend Dan went with me and asked him how long he'd been with the band, and Bruce said 18 years. Wow. I guess he's not really the new guy anymore!

One of the things he mentioned was the set list, and that since they've sort of played the same show since the start of the year, they pretty much don't need it anymore. "I know the first three songs, and after that we just watch Charlie to see what's next." So the actual set list did vary from the one that was taped to the floor.

Here's what I have as the set list from tonight which is only slightly different from the one the band was working from.

  1. Drinking My Baby Goodbye
  2. South's Gonna Do It Again
  3. El Toreador
  4. Trudy
  5. Simple Man
  6. Scarlet Carnival (Taz's song)
  7. Wooley Swamp
  8. In America
  9. The Christmas Song
  10. Easy on the Eyes (Bruce's song)
  11. Floreada Road
  12. Long Haired Country Boy
  13. How Great Thou Art
  14. 1812 Overature (Chris' song)
  15. Rocky Top
  16. Star Spangled Banner
  17. The Devil Went Down to Georgia

Now one of the funny things that Charlie did was throw out a reference that I had to look up in Wikipedia to understand what the heck he was talking about. In the song In America you know he usually throws a little local sports reference in for the local team for the line in the original studio version said "You just go and lay your hand/On a Pittsburgh Steelers fan/And I think you're gonna finally understand."

It's all good when he references a different local football team, such as the Dallas Cowboys when he's playing in Dallas, or the 49ers when he's in San Francisco. This time around, instead of the Pittsburg reference, he said, "Rainbow Warrior fan." Well, turns out the Rainbow Warriors are a fleet of tugboats that Greenpeace uses to generally pirate the oceans for environmentalism. So I guess that the Raiders didn't get their shout out, but in retrospect, you can't blame him for the potshot. This is probably as close to Santa Cruz as Charlie will get and it is probably just as fitting as anything around here.

Salinas is more of a cowboy town than a hippie haven, though, so when Charlie started the Star Spangled Banner, an interesting thing happened. First a big guy in front of me -- listen to "Play Me Some Fiddle" from Simple Man to get a lyrical visual -- took his hat off respectfully, then the guy next to me took off his ball cap. One by one, people stood up and put their hands over their hearts, and by the time the band joined in the fiddle solo for the crecendo, every one stood up. It was funny because there wasn't a flag in sight but the song is so patriotic - it's our National Anthem, for pete's sake - people were looking around for a flag to salute. Of course, the only flag in sight was the rainbow flag. Just kidding.

I should also mention that the venue was a good place to catch a show. It's a recently renovated venue and they are making an effort. There's a lot of potential there, if they can attract big shows like this one again.I brought a friend of mine along, who has only had the sort of pop culture exposure to Charlie that most of the world has had, and he went in knowing about three songs by the band, but like I figured, he was sold. How could you not be? It's a world class band with more talent than all the rest (this is a fan site, so I'm allow to be at least somewhat biased). If anyone missed a note, I didn't catch it. Last but not least, we did meet Charlie before the show and he was kind and gracious as usual, and we got our picture taken with him. I'm on the left, Dan's on the right, and Charlie's in the middle. Dan just let me know he's going to spring for a bow signed by Charlie now.

All is good in CDB land.

The lady in the front row took some pictures and posted them on Picasa, and since she put the link the comments section, I'm including it here!


Anonymous said...

It was definately a great show!! Actually, after seeing your picture, I think you were sitting right in front of me.


K ristin said...

Just wanted to share these memories from the show!!!!¤t=P1010417.flv¤t=P1010429.flv¤t=P1010435.flv¤t=P1010421.flv

Matt said...

Thanks, Kristin! It does look like the same viewpoint we had at the show...thanks for posting!