Sunday, September 03, 2006

Charlie's column is least it was. "Opinion

Liberal media provides unbalanced news for Americans

To all the Charlie Daniel's fans out there, it is with deep regret that I inform you Charlie will no longer be read or seen in the Sidney Herald.

I was called several weeks ago by a very irate woman and told that she had called the paper to ask why Charlie Daniels wasn't in the paper anymore and was told that the Big Wigs (owners) didn't want his column in the paper now. I called and was told by Bill V. about the same thing. Since then, others have also called the paper and were told the bosses gave the orders, and Charlie didn't write good enough to be carried by the paper and a variety of reasons. We wondered, Charlie didn't write good enough?? Compared to who? Bill, Libby, Ellen, Jim Elliot, Baucus?

The main reason I asked the Herald to carry Charlie Daniels a couple years ago is we thought it might be nice to see a more conservative view of what goes on in the world instead of the constant liberal dribble that the mainstream media lays on us from every direction. The only TV network that even attempts to give a 'fair and balanced' view is Fox News. The bigger newspapers in the nation are almost all liberal and put their agenda front and center. They won't even hire a conservative reporter for the most part and, if they do, they are gagged up.

USA Today, the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times newspapers are no different. They carry a conservative here and there, but it's just to show they do now and then. If you subscribe to the big news magazines, Time and Newsweek, you are reading nothing but the liberal view- point.

It's got to the point where most of the journalists from these publications are so secular, so into Bush bashing and hating and bent on their own agendas, they are almost anti-American. They don't think they are, but some of these news stories they sensationalize and dwell on for weeks and months more than prove the point. I don't recall hearing that the news people have ever been so inclined on such a devastating mission.

Just a case in point is Dan Rather who had a whole 60 minutes on Bush's guard service. Even after he had been told there was no evidence to back it up. The truth on Cindy Sheehan story is a lot different than what was and is being sensationalized. Why doesn't the press talk about how she hates Israel and says she does? She also has said she was in favor of the Iraqi insurgency, the killers of thousands of innocent men, women and children. The media fails to tell it like she really is. They would rather make her into a poor, helpless little lady who lost her son in the war, a son she didn't even raise and cared little about until she knew it may be a way to grab a headline, and the media fell all over themselves to help her along. We have heard several times that her son who was killed would have hated what she has done and the circus she turned his death into.

I used to want people to let the Sidney Herald know they liked Charlie and what he stood for and what he said. Not anymore! It would be great if we had access to another local publication that we all could pick up and read what Charlie has to say. But it won't happen. Too many don't want to stir the pot.

Charlie writes a column usually once or even twice a week. He has a Web site, and we for one will not "Leave the old country boy alone." He is a Christian NOW. He's a great American, and he stands for truth and integrity, and I think Charlie gives us all something worthy to think about."

I think this is pro-CD.

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree.
Come to think of it those are the same words I use when I reply to Charlie's soapboxes.