Monday, September 18, 2006

Charlie thinks the media's not giving the troops a fair shake

News from Agape Press: "...An icon of the music industry has a bone to pick with the national media and its treatment of American troops that are serving in Iraq. Charlie Daniels and his band have spent a lot of time with American soldiers in the Middle Eastern country, and he says they are not getting a 'fair shake' from one important segment of American society. 'Our media are no longer responsible, they're no longer loyal. They've just got completely out of hand,' the recording artist shares. 'They're very selective about what they print.' Daniels says the media focus on the few bad things that happen and ignore the positive accomplishments of the men and women serving overseas. 'I'm not saying the bad stuff shouldn't be reported; it should be,' he says. 'But for every bad incident, for every bad apple, there are 10,000 good ones.' He also points out this failure of the media is not limited to Iraq, but covers other areas where journalists have a liberal agenda. 'It really aggravates me,' he says. [Bill Fancher]"

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