Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Another suggestion for the CDB

The New Bern Sun Journal: "Attention Charlie Daniels! Record “Thunder Road.”

For you younger folks, it’s the title song from the 1958 movie, sung by the film’s star, Robert Mitchum. And, Mitchum was a terrible singer.

This 1950s moonshine song would fit perfectly into Daniels’ sound and style. I can’t imagine it not being a huge hit for him, especially among NASCAR folks.

I’m no expert on commercial music but am very accomplished at grinning and toe tapping. “Thunder Road” makes me do both.

Every word is stored in my 65-year-old brain, from the beginning “Let me tell a story, I can tell it all, about the mountain boy who drove illegal alcohol …” to the crashing end “… the law they swore they’d get him but the devil got him first.”

Yee ha, Charlie! Pass the jug and crank up your fiddle."

So what songs would you think would be cool for Charlie to cover? Reply in the comments!

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