Thursday, June 01, 2006

Daniels "bullies" his way into school - PRORODEO - Daniels "bullies" his way into school: "COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Country music legend and Justin Cowboy Crisis Fund board member Charlie Daniels recently went back to school.

Daniels teamed with PRCA barrelman 'Starvin' Marvin Nash as part of the Bullying Hurts program, to bring awareness to the problem of bullies in schools. The event took place at McClain Christian Academy in Lebanon, Tenn., near Daniels' hometown of Mount Juliet.

Not only did Daniels and Nash speak to the students about how to handle bullies, but they also filmed scenes to be used in a music video to be released at the 110th Annual National PTA Convention and Exhibition in Phoenix (June 24-27).

The music video, which will feature the program's theme song 'Helping Hands,' written by singer/songwriter Jody Adams, will include Daniels as well as members of his family and his band's family. The video will also feature shots from Dildine School in Cheyenne, Wyo.

As another element, the footage will also be used as part of an upcoming series of public service announcements regarding the issue of bullying.

Daniels told the Wilson Post that he hopes part of the footage will be released in a 'music video'-type format for parents to show their children.

Nash, who has been a PRCA member since 1996, takes his program nationwide and reports that there are approximately 200 of his Bullying Hurts programs being used in 37 states, including Tennessee. "When I found out that 160,000 kids didn't go to school every day because of fear, intimidation and bullying, it just knocked me out," Daniels told the Wilson Post. "There definitely needs to be something done about it. I would support a program like this in every school in the nation."

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