Friday, June 30, 2006

CDB and Ribs on the 4th in Chi-town

Daniels, REO highlight lineup at Ribfest: "Somehow you could conjure up a Naperville metaphor from folk/ bluegrass legend Charlie Daniels – maybe because he now listens to a lot of his music on an iPod.

The former Grammy Award winner for Best Country Vocal Performance in 1979, for The Devil Went Down to Georgia, said he even thought his son might help him with his mp3 player. He isn't surprised that his music has now reached three different generations.

'It doesn't surprise me, no. When you've been doing it as long as we have, you know you're going to do good music,' Daniels said."

No idea what the lead here means but there are some good quotes in the rest of the article!

Naperville metaphor? Charlie listens to an iPod? Nope, I still don't get it!

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