Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Price: Troops' Morale In Iraq Is High

Price: Troops' Morale In Iraq Is High - CBS News: "If you assume the morale of United States forces serving in Iraq is low, your assumption is wrong, according to Dave Price.

The Early Show weatherman and features reporter just returned from a five-day Mideast trip, during which he joined the Charlie Daniels Band entertaining some 22,000 troops on four bases in Iraq and Kuwait.

On Tuesday, he gave his personal account of the trip, as well as recounting his conversations with soldiers and Marines.

Price said his chats with military personnel were 'completely at random, with no coaching from the military' and 'about their mission, their morale, and what it's like to serve in one of the most hostile places on Earth.'
Price confirmed that entertainers aren't exactly flocking to Iraq to perform for the troops, saying, "Some of the areas we visited are dangerous and some very, very remote." "

Price traveled the whole trip with the CDB.

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