Sunday, February 12, 2006

Pat Boone wants the CDB in the Superbowl Halftime Show

WorldNetDaily: Is it just me?: "Are we fresh out of popular and dazzling entertainers of domestic origin?

I wonder. There's one more huge, worldwide sporting event – the World Cup, the Super Bowl of soccer. Has any American entertainer, no matter how popular and currently 'hot,' ever been invited to perform on that platform? I guess Europeans still have the old-fashioned notion that Europeans and Asians who are into that most popular sport prefer to be dazzled and entertained by their own stars. Curious, isn't it?

But back to our own Super event: Has Bruce Springsteen, Mr. 'Born in the USA,' ever been our halftime performer? Couldn't Toby Keith and Shania Twain, or Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, or maybe Charlie Daniels and Allison Kraus do a whale of a halftime show? And what about Garth Brooks, for Pete's sake?! Simon and Garfunkel filled Central Park, and so did Barbra Streisand. Neil Diamond fills stadiums everywhere, for multiple nights. Or how about an 'American Idol' halftime, featuring not just the winners, but some of the extremely talented runners-up? An all American show-of-shows, and really one for the whole family?"

Good idea, Pat!

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