Friday, February 24, 2006

Heartworn Highways CD

The City Paper - Smart, Fast, Free: "This disc, unlike the DVD, contains entire performances of the existing songs rather than snippets or fragments. We also have been advised that the sound quality on the CD has been speed corrected, while the songs on the DVD are actually being played 10 percent too fast. Lastly, the 80-minute cap time on a CD prevented the compilers from being able to fit every single song from the film onto the disc, but they weren't allowed by the management of the Charlie Daniels Band to put their tunes on it anyhow."

This little tidbit came in at the tail end of article as a correction to some earlier article written about this CD. It's for sale at Amazon, but a word of warning. There's no CDB on the thing at all. I'm not saying that's a good thing, but if you ever heard DAC's rant on guards driving caddies you might have second thoughts about getting it anyway. I can't let that prison talk into my cd player, if you get my drift.


willson said...

Actually this CD is phenomenal! (And the David Allan Coe rant is not on it.) Yeah it's too bad CDB couldn't be on it but it's great.
And the DVD isn't 10% faster, it's only 4% faster because it was mastered in England in PAL at 25fps instead of 24fps.
But these tracks sound fantastic and are truly seminal recordings.

Matt said...

Hey Willson,

Thanks for the input! I haven't heard the CD, but there's no getting around the fact that the talent on the CD is right up there among the best.

I wonder if it's because this music has a bigger following in Europe than in the US that it wasn't mastered in NTSC?

25 tracks from it are available on iTunes if you're impulsive enough:

I just checked the record label's site and they said, "We eliminated songs [from the CD] that were in the film that were irrelevant to the new wave of artists it was concieved to document while including several tracks from artists that were ommitted from the original film."

Does that sound like sour grapes?