Friday, February 24, 2006

Heartworn Highways CD

The City Paper - Smart, Fast, Free: "This disc, unlike the DVD, contains entire performances of the existing songs rather than snippets or fragments. We also have been advised that the sound quality on the CD has been speed corrected, while the songs on the DVD are actually being played 10 percent too fast. Lastly, the 80-minute cap time on a CD prevented the compilers from being able to fit every single song from the film onto the disc, but they weren't allowed by the management of the Charlie Daniels Band to put their tunes on it anyhow."

This little tidbit came in at the tail end of article as a correction to some earlier article written about this CD. It's for sale at Amazon, but a word of warning. There's no CDB on the thing at all. I'm not saying that's a good thing, but if you ever heard DAC's rant on guards driving caddies you might have second thoughts about getting it anyway. I can't let that prison talk into my cd player, if you get my drift.

Charlie Daniels: Still Rockin'

Country Weekly: Charlie Daniels: Still Rockin': "Charlie Daniels may be approaching 70, but he's still going strong with a Grammy nomination, an acclaimed CD, a DVD, a full tour schedule . . . and a great duet with Brenda Lee."

I guess they're gonna make you stand in line at the grocery store to read this one...from Country Weakly. I mean, Weekly.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

CDB in the California Mid-State Fair lineup

San Luis Obispo Tribune | 02/15/2006 | ‘Soul Provider,’ ‘The Joker’ and an ‘Idol’ join California Mid-State Fair lineup: "Announced free-stage acts include country acts Ronnie Milsap (Aug. 1), Billy Ray Cyrus (Aug. 2) and the Charlie Daniels Band (Aug. 3), Christian group Casting Crowns (Aug. 4), and a July 26 show on the Boys of Summer Tour, featuring Jordan Knight of New Kids on the Block, Jeff Timmons of 98 Degrees, Bryan Abrams of Color Me Badd and Michael Copon of the TV show 'One Tree Hill.'"

Great news for anyone in the Golden State!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Alan Jackson following in Charlie's footsteps

Country artist Alan Jackson takes gospel turn: What was originally intended as a Christmas gift for his mother will soon become a treat for all of Alan Jackson ‘s fans.

"Precious Memories," due February 28 on ACR/Arista Nashville, is a highly personal effort for the country superstar.

A collection of vintage hymns that the Georgia native grew up singing in church, "Precious Memories" features 15 of Jackson‘s favorite classics in an intimate, acoustic setting. The famously private entertainer even has his wife, Denise, and daughters Mattie and Ali join him on "‘Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus." (Jackson says daughter Dani chickened out when it came to singing, but gets a credit for "assistant background vocals" for retrieving her dad a bottle of water.)

In the ‘60s and ‘70s, country artists frequently recorded gospel songs or entire gospel albums, but then the practice seemed to fall out of favor. In recent years, more country acts have returned to singing about their faith. Brad Paisley puts a gospel song on every album.
Charlie Daniels, Billy Ray Cyrus and Anne Murray have released Christian collections, and Randy Travis has recorded several Christian albums for Word Records, one of which spawned the multi-award-winning hit 'Three Wooden Crosses.'

Most of these efforts, like Jackson‘s, project a deeply personal feel. That is enhanced on 'Precious Memories' by the photographs Jackson himself took for the CD package, using a timer to capture his own image in front of a little country church.

'I just decided that I‘d take my own dang pictures,' he says. 'So I went over to a little church that I go by sometimes, and I took a couple pictures. I also took (pictures of) this old Bible that we had at the house. I like the old-looking stuff.'

Pat Boone wants the CDB in the Superbowl Halftime Show

WorldNetDaily: Is it just me?: "Are we fresh out of popular and dazzling entertainers of domestic origin?

I wonder. There's one more huge, worldwide sporting event – the World Cup, the Super Bowl of soccer. Has any American entertainer, no matter how popular and currently 'hot,' ever been invited to perform on that platform? I guess Europeans still have the old-fashioned notion that Europeans and Asians who are into that most popular sport prefer to be dazzled and entertained by their own stars. Curious, isn't it?

But back to our own Super event: Has Bruce Springsteen, Mr. 'Born in the USA,' ever been our halftime performer? Couldn't Toby Keith and Shania Twain, or Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, or maybe Charlie Daniels and Allison Kraus do a whale of a halftime show? And what about Garth Brooks, for Pete's sake?! Simon and Garfunkel filled Central Park, and so did Barbra Streisand. Neil Diamond fills stadiums everywhere, for multiple nights. Or how about an 'American Idol' halftime, featuring not just the winners, but some of the extremely talented runners-up? An all American show-of-shows, and really one for the whole family?"

Good idea, Pat!