Sunday, December 31, 2006

Oh Say, Can You CDB?

Charlie Daniels will sing the anthem prior to the Outback Bowl in Tampa, Fla., on Monday (Jan 1). Penn State is playing the University of Tennessee. The game, airing on ESPN, will begin at 11 a.m. ET. Daniels will be performing at Cypress Gardens in Winter Haven, Fla., on Sunday (Dec. 31). His Volunteer Jam 2007 tour will kick off in April.

Courtesy CMT

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Volunteer Jam hitting the road in '07 News: News In Brief: "The Charlie Daniels Band is taking his Volunteer Jam to the road next year with support from the Marshall Tucker Band and the Outlaws. Volunteer Jam Tour 2007 begins April 28 in Valdosta, Ga., and currently has dates scheduled through the end of July, including stops in Oklahoma, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, Colorado, California, Arizona, Nevada, New Hampshire and Connecticut. The Volunteer Jam started in 1974 in Nashville and became an annual concert event featuring a wide variety of guest performers. "

See the dates here!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

More Kudos for Chucky and Bootsy

Salt Lake City Weekly - Bootsy Claus: "There’s even a semi-novelty hit, when Bootsy teams with Charlie Daniels (“I named him Chucky, ’cause he’s funky”) for some space-bass-meets-fiddle funk. Only Bootsy Collins could make that sound good. "

Or perhaps, more likely, Charlie Daniels could make Bootsy Collins sound that good.

No Primadonnas: CDB is the nicest band in Delaware "Q: Who was the nicest band that came through?
Hands down the nicest people were the Charlie Daniels Band. It was all 'whenever you get a chance' and 'if you could, please.' Very southern, very gracious."

Compared to the other bands that have demanded no green M&Ms (the Pretenders) and servants (Kool and the Gang), the CDB is just as nice as pie. Check the article at the link above.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Charlie stuffed into your Stocking and Bootsy this year

The Enquirer - Bootsy has stocking stuffer:

It's Halloween, and you know what that means - time to start getting ready for the holidays. Too early, you say? Not if you're judging by holiday CD releases.

Many already have hit store shelves, and one of the latest, in stores today, is Boosty Collins' 'Christmas is 4 Ever' (Shout Factory, $18.98) - the first holiday album from the Cincinnati-born-and-bred, Grammy Award-winning bassist, vocalist and producer.

The album features Collins' versions of nine Christmas classics - including 'Jingle Belz,' 'WinterFunkyLand' (a.k.a. 'Winter Wonderland'), and 'Boot-Off' (better known as 'Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer') - as well as four originals.

Guest stars include rapper Snoop Dogg; country musician Charlie Daniels; Ohio Players lead singer Sugarfoot; soul musician Bobby Womack; the late Roger Troutman of funk group Zapp; former James Brown collaborators Fred Wesley, Bobby Byrd and MC Danny Ray; and former Parliament-Funkadelic members Blackbyrd McKnight and Bernie Worrell. And there are holiday shout-outs from George Clinton, Buckethead, Roger Troutman and Bishop Don Magic Juan."

It's not a joke! It's here. Charlie sings back up and plays fiddle on Sleigh Ride. Here's the song on iTunes, and the album at

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Charlie Daniels Happily 'Beholden' to U.S. Troops

Charlie Daniels Happily 'Beholden' to U.S. Troops: "KUMAMOTO, Japan -- Charlie Daniels has done two tours of Iraq. Last year, he was in Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kuwait. He's done Bosnia, Kosovo, Korea.

Make no mistake, Daniels always goes armed and ready - with a fiddle.

'I feel very beholden to our troops,' the country music legend told The Associated Press at his hotel in this southern Japan city, where he was preparing to headline an annual country music festival. 'If you can get me there, I'll go.'

That's generally easier said than done. The helicopter flying Daniels took on fire in Kirkuk, Iraq in April. And when a sand storm diverted him from reaching the Baghram Air Base just outside of Kabul, Kyrgyzstan, he played an impromptu show at another nearby base.

'Our drummer was pounding on a garbage can,' Daniels said. 'But that's kind of the beauty of these things. You just get a bunch of guys together and do it. In some of these places, they haven't had any kind of entertainment for 11 months. We had about 200 people come out.'

'They are starved for anything American,' Daniels added of the troops. 'They are a great audience.'

Daniels, who lives on a ranch just outside Nashville, Tennessee, continues to play about nine months out of the year, much of that on the road. After Japan, he was to travel on to South Korea to entertain the U.S. troops there. He'll turn 70 on Oct. 28 while he's in China.

In his four-decade career, he has sold somewhere around 20 million records, including the quadruple platnum Fire in the Mountain album. Daniels won the best country singer Grammy in 1979 for the No. 1 hit single, "Devil Went Down to Georgia."

He says he is now working on his 47th album, as well as a duet collection that will include Dolly Parton, Travis Tritt, Gretchen Wilson and Earl Scruggs.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Another suggestion for the CDB

The New Bern Sun Journal: "Attention Charlie Daniels! Record “Thunder Road.”

For you younger folks, it’s the title song from the 1958 movie, sung by the film’s star, Robert Mitchum. And, Mitchum was a terrible singer.

This 1950s moonshine song would fit perfectly into Daniels’ sound and style. I can’t imagine it not being a huge hit for him, especially among NASCAR folks.

I’m no expert on commercial music but am very accomplished at grinning and toe tapping. “Thunder Road” makes me do both.

Every word is stored in my 65-year-old brain, from the beginning “Let me tell a story, I can tell it all, about the mountain boy who drove illegal alcohol …” to the crashing end “… the law they swore they’d get him but the devil got him first.”

Yee ha, Charlie! Pass the jug and crank up your fiddle."

So what songs would you think would be cool for Charlie to cover? Reply in the comments!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Charlie thinks the media's not giving the troops a fair shake

News from Agape Press: "...An icon of the music industry has a bone to pick with the national media and its treatment of American troops that are serving in Iraq. Charlie Daniels and his band have spent a lot of time with American soldiers in the Middle Eastern country, and he says they are not getting a 'fair shake' from one important segment of American society. 'Our media are no longer responsible, they're no longer loyal. They've just got completely out of hand,' the recording artist shares. 'They're very selective about what they print.' Daniels says the media focus on the few bad things that happen and ignore the positive accomplishments of the men and women serving overseas. 'I'm not saying the bad stuff shouldn't be reported; it should be,' he says. 'But for every bad incident, for every bad apple, there are 10,000 good ones.' He also points out this failure of the media is not limited to Iraq, but covers other areas where journalists have a liberal agenda. 'It really aggravates me,' he says. [Bill Fancher]"

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Charlie's column is least it was. "Opinion

Liberal media provides unbalanced news for Americans

To all the Charlie Daniel's fans out there, it is with deep regret that I inform you Charlie will no longer be read or seen in the Sidney Herald.

I was called several weeks ago by a very irate woman and told that she had called the paper to ask why Charlie Daniels wasn't in the paper anymore and was told that the Big Wigs (owners) didn't want his column in the paper now. I called and was told by Bill V. about the same thing. Since then, others have also called the paper and were told the bosses gave the orders, and Charlie didn't write good enough to be carried by the paper and a variety of reasons. We wondered, Charlie didn't write good enough?? Compared to who? Bill, Libby, Ellen, Jim Elliot, Baucus?

The main reason I asked the Herald to carry Charlie Daniels a couple years ago is we thought it might be nice to see a more conservative view of what goes on in the world instead of the constant liberal dribble that the mainstream media lays on us from every direction. The only TV network that even attempts to give a 'fair and balanced' view is Fox News. The bigger newspapers in the nation are almost all liberal and put their agenda front and center. They won't even hire a conservative reporter for the most part and, if they do, they are gagged up.

USA Today, the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times newspapers are no different. They carry a conservative here and there, but it's just to show they do now and then. If you subscribe to the big news magazines, Time and Newsweek, you are reading nothing but the liberal view- point.

It's got to the point where most of the journalists from these publications are so secular, so into Bush bashing and hating and bent on their own agendas, they are almost anti-American. They don't think they are, but some of these news stories they sensationalize and dwell on for weeks and months more than prove the point. I don't recall hearing that the news people have ever been so inclined on such a devastating mission.

Just a case in point is Dan Rather who had a whole 60 minutes on Bush's guard service. Even after he had been told there was no evidence to back it up. The truth on Cindy Sheehan story is a lot different than what was and is being sensationalized. Why doesn't the press talk about how she hates Israel and says she does? She also has said she was in favor of the Iraqi insurgency, the killers of thousands of innocent men, women and children. The media fails to tell it like she really is. They would rather make her into a poor, helpless little lady who lost her son in the war, a son she didn't even raise and cared little about until she knew it may be a way to grab a headline, and the media fell all over themselves to help her along. We have heard several times that her son who was killed would have hated what she has done and the circus she turned his death into.

I used to want people to let the Sidney Herald know they liked Charlie and what he stood for and what he said. Not anymore! It would be great if we had access to another local publication that we all could pick up and read what Charlie has to say. But it won't happen. Too many don't want to stir the pot.

Charlie writes a column usually once or even twice a week. He has a Web site, and we for one will not "Leave the old country boy alone." He is a Christian NOW. He's a great American, and he stands for truth and integrity, and I think Charlie gives us all something worthy to think about."

I think this is pro-CD.

Charlie's writing his bio!

The Mountain Press: "Charlie Daniels was in the middle of writing his biography during a recent telephone interview.

He wasn't certain whether his music would still be as popular as it was 20 to 30 years ago, yet alone still performing.

'You don't know and don't plan that far in advance,' Daniels said. 'I'm writing about things that happened back in the '60's. I'm living life day to day and trying to get something going. If someone told me back then that I'd be turning 70 in October and still performing, I'd be happy and surprised like everyone else.'"

Friday, September 01, 2006

Charlie's next album? Duets... "Two more CDs are in the works including “a duet album, my first one,” Daniels said. “It has Earl Scruggs, Brad Paisley, Travis Tritt, Brenda Lee, a whole variety of stuff.”"

Good article with a lot of background information.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Fresh off trip to Iraq, Charlie Daniels rides into San Mateo -

Fresh off trip to Iraq, Charlie Daniels rides into San Mateo -
David Smith, The Examiner

SAN MATEO, Calif. - Charlie Daniels, a man famous for telling the story “The Devil Went Down to Georgia,” has a story not many can tell — about being shot at while in a helicopter over Baghdad.

“I just had great peace,” the 69-year-old country music legend said of his experience over Baghdad in 2005, which didn’t deter him from returning in 2006. In all, he visited Kurdistan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Iraq and Kuwait.

The Charlie Daniels Band is set to play Sunday at the San Mateo County Fair.

“We’re really excited to have Charlie back,” Geoff Hinds, the fair’s manager, said. “He’s always done really well for us.”

From San Mateo, the band heads on to Irving, Texas, and then to Sturgis, Miss., for the Sturgis South Bike Rally.

Daniels called the soldiers in Iraq “the finest bunch of kids in the world.” Twenty-one-year-old Army Spc. Christopher Rose of San Francisco and 19-year-old Pfc. Angelo Zawaydeh of San Bruno were killed in Iraq this past year.

“They’re volunteers. They’re just great kids,” Daniels said. “They have such a sense of beauty, such a sense of what they’re there for.”

Patriotism and the yeoman attitude often attributed to the South is pervasive in Daniels’ songs, the classics of which audience members are likely to hear at the fair.

Daniels said one his pet peeves was going to see a band play a medley of its hits and then try and sell a new album by playing its new songs.

“I want ’em to dance to the songs that brought ’em,” he said.

That includes “The South’s Gonna Do It (Again),” “This Ain’t No Rag, It’s a Flag” and “Drinkin’ My Baby Goodbye.”

Daniels is no stranger to the Bay Area, having come through the region in the 1970s, producing such acts as The Youngbloods and Jerry Corbit.

He described the Bay Area as much like Louisiana because it “feels like a different country” out here.

I'm going! -- Matt

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Charlie Daniels Helps Raise Over 7 Million Dollars For Military Scholarships

Hank William's Jr, Lee Greenwood & Charlie Daniels Help Raise Over 7 Million Dollars For Military Scholarships:

Nashville, TN ( -– Country music's biggest patriotic supporters Hank Williams Jr., Lee Greenwood, and Charlie Daniels joined nationally syndicated radio talk show host Sean Hannity to support The Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund. Benefit concerts took place in San Diego, CA and Jackson, NJ, where Hank Williams Jr. and Lee Greenwood performed at both events, Charlie Daniels performed in San Diego, and Sara Evans performed in New Jersey to help raise money for the cause.

'You are a Great American Hank Williams Jr.!' says Sean Hannity during his radio broadcast while interviewing Hank Jr on August 2nd. 'With your help and you doing these concerts we were able to raise over 7 million dollars. I can't thank you enough.'

'I am a huge supporter of our military,' says Hank Jr. 'I get emails on a daily basis from soldiers and I read them all personally. I even answer many of them or send a care package of t-shirts. It is all about lifting their spirits and letting them know we care.'

The Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund honors the bravery and dedication exhibited by providing educational scholarships to their children."

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Have Yourself A Bootsy Daniels Christmas

First Bootsy Collins said that Charlie brangs the funk, and now the two are teaming up.

Collins is recording a Christmas album and Charlie will be a guest. Another guest is Snoop Dogg, who will be singing the perennial favorite, "Oh Holy Night."

Just kidden, but Snoopy Doggy will be there. See, it's less than six degrees to anyone from Charlie.

More from the web:

Hot on the heels of WYNONNA JUDD's Christmas album announcement yesterday (01AUG06), funk legend BOOTSY COLLINS is planning a festive collection of tunes. The colourful guitarist will be joined by rapper SNOOP DOGG, fiddler CHARLIE DANIELS and fellow funk stars like FRED WESLEY and BOBBY BYRD on his first holiday album CHRISTMAS IS 4-EVER. The album will feature four Collins originals plus renditions of Christmas classics like THE CHRISTMAS SONG and THIS CHRISTMAS.

Original Story:

Charlie Daniels Band And Friends Celebrate The Holidays With Christmas For Kids

Charlie Daniels Band And Friends Celebrate The Holidays With Christmas For Kids (

Nashville, TN ( - Charlie Daniels and friends Craig Morgan and Sawyer Brown will offer their time and talents to perform at the 10th Annual Christmas For Kids Benefit Concert Monday, November 20th at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, TN beginning at 7:00 PM. The charity event raises money for the Christmas For Kids organization. Tickets to the event are available by visiting, and more incredible names will be added to the special evening's lineup as the event approaches.

The Christmas For Kids Organization has been in existence for over twenty years providing special children the opportunity to celebrate the holiday season. Each year, the organization brings the spirit of Christmas to hundreds of children throughout Middle Tennessee allowing them to participate in festive activities organized specifically for them. Events such as the Tour Bus Tour raise money and allow folks to visit the home-away-from-homes of more than fifty stars and celebrities at the Hendersonville Wal*Mart from 5:00 – 9:00PM. The date for the Tour Bus Tour will be Monday, December 18th.

The money raised at both events, the concert and Tour Bus Tour, is used to escort children from 25 different schools for a day-long excursion. The day consists of a chauffeured trip from their school aboard a country music star's luxury tour bus to a local Wal-Mart where they are accompanied by a volunteer to participate in their own Christmas shopping spree. On the return trip home, the children will participate in a Christmas carol sing-along.
All proceeds from the Tour Bus Show and the Charlie Daniels Band & Friends Benefit Concert (sponsored in part by 95.5 The Wolf)—November 20th – will be donated toward the children's Christmas Shopping.

Listing Details:
Charlie Daniels Band and Friends Charity Concert
For the benefit of Christmas for Kids
Monday, November 20 / 7:00PM / Ryman Auditorium / Nashville, TN

Tickets are available by visiting, TicketMaster, or by calling (615) 255-9600. Golden circle VIP tickets available October 1st by calling (615) 453-2434 or e-mailing

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Soldier who survived bomb attack receives lifetime backstage passes to CDB. Oh yeah, and a Purple Heart

Soldier who survived bomb attack receives Purple Heart: Sgt. Kevin Downs, who received a Purple Heart Saturday, lost part of both legs and suffered second- and third-degree burns.

Following with other awards were Cheatham County Mayor Bill Orange and Kingston Springs Mayor Gary Corlew.

David Corlew, the mayor's brother and manager of country music singer Charlie Daniels, delivered a letter Daniels wrote to Downs, who also got free backstage passes to any Charlie Daniels performance for the rest of his life.

The Purple Heart is awarded to any armed forces member who, while serving, is wounded or killed by enemy combatants.

Downs also received the Combat Action Badge, which recognizes soldiers who personally engaged the enemy, or are engaged by the enemy during combat operations, said Randy D. Harris, spokesman for the Tennessee Military Department.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Southern Rock Trifecta: CDB, Skynyrd and 38 to play together "NEWTON, Iowa -- Three of the most highly successful bands in American music history will 'make history' this fall during a one-night-only concert at Iowa Speedway. Lynyrd Skynard, the Charlie Daniels Band and 38 Special will each perform their latest hits and entertain music fans from throughout the country Sunday, October 1st, at Fall Rockfest 2006. "

Plan ahead! Tickets go on sale July 15th. The challenge will be to find Newton, Iowa.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Charlie Daniels brings funk to whatever he does

The Enquirer - Charlie Daniels went down to Sparta:
Concert review

Bootzilla went down to Sparta to hear “The Devil Went Down to Georgia.”

Bootsy Collins was one of thousands of Charlie Daniels fans in attendance at Kentucky Speedway Saturday night, when the Charlie Daniels Band played a show prior to the Built Ford Tough 225 NASCAR truck race.

A crowd of 21,889 attended the race, and a track representative estimated that the concert, held on the concourse at Turn One, drew 8,000-10,000.

Despite getting second billing to an automobile race, Daniels didn’t play as if he were only there to fill a warm-up slot. He and his five-man band put on a headliner-worthy show full of the jazzy musicianship and boogie beats that made Daniels a star of the 1970s country-rock movement.

The fiddler-guitarist maintained a high-energy pace over his 75-minute set, and it would be hard to believe he turns 70 this year without double-checking a reference book.

On the other hand, you don’t need a Charlie Daniels bio to figure out he’s a proud Southerner. That fact is as obvious as his car-hood-size belt buckle and his Yosemite Sam cowboy hat.

Blazing instrumentation and rock-music arrangements set him apart from other country singers of his era, but it’s his Southern-themed material that really connects with fans. Sure, the crowd politely enjoyed a new instrumental song titled “Floreeda Road,” but people went absolutely nuts when he sang the praises of the late stock-car racing champion Dale Earnhardt in the song “The Intimidator.”

“Long Haired Country Boy,” Daniels’ statement of backwoods individuality that ranks as a country-music classic, and the flag-waving “In America” also hit big. He prefaced the latter by telling the crowd he recently returned from a trip to Iraq.

“Your media is doing you a vast injustice telling you we’re losing the war. We’re winning the war,” Daniels reported. “You ask any entertainer who has been there.”

Daniels reached back to Southern gospel for a power-ballad version of “How Great Thou Art” and capped off the show with his own timeless contribution to the Southern-music tradition, “The Devil Went Down to Georgia.”

And what was Bootsy doing there? Daniels and the Cincinnati funk icon are two members of an all-star ensemble that re-recorded the “Monday Night Football” theme song for the upcoming season. (The “MNF” band also includes members of Bruce Springsteen’s E-Street Band, Little Richard, Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick, Hank Williams Jr., and others.)

Collins watched Daniels’ show from the side of the stage, and afterwards said that he’s scheduled to travel to Nashville for session work on Daniels’ upcoming CD.

Collins also paid his buddy the ultimate compliment. He called him funky.

“It was awesome, man,” he said of the concert. “Charlie Daniels brings funk to whatever he does.”

Friday, July 07, 2006

CDB tour bus on sale for $3050. Not so fast, Florida


Check the link above to see the pictures and an extensive description.

I bet if you took this to a concert, Charlie would sign it for you.

Friday, June 30, 2006

CDB and Ribs on the 4th in Chi-town

Daniels, REO highlight lineup at Ribfest: "Somehow you could conjure up a Naperville metaphor from folk/ bluegrass legend Charlie Daniels – maybe because he now listens to a lot of his music on an iPod.

The former Grammy Award winner for Best Country Vocal Performance in 1979, for The Devil Went Down to Georgia, said he even thought his son might help him with his mp3 player. He isn't surprised that his music has now reached three different generations.

'It doesn't surprise me, no. When you've been doing it as long as we have, you know you're going to do good music,' Daniels said."

No idea what the lead here means but there are some good quotes in the rest of the article!

Naperville metaphor? Charlie listens to an iPod? Nope, I still don't get it!

Friday, June 23, 2006

Charlie Daniels Band donates to Chocolate Classic

Charlie Daniels Band donates to Chocolate Classic: June 21, 2006
Valdosta, GA - Get your sweet tooth ready, it's time for Valdosta's Chocolate Classic. Valdosta residents are celebrating the arrival of the seventh annual chocolate classic. 'It's one of my favorite events! You get to sample all the wonderful chocolates by the area restaurants,'said Chocolate Classic Volunteer Dana Gavin.

Almost 600 people will gather to judge 16 vendors who will compete for best in show and best-tasting dessert. Last year's reigning dessert champion, Truffles, has been working for 7 days on their delicious creation for the classic. 'We do hope to win with truffles because we are truffles,' said Jane Dreitzler, owner of Truffles.

This year, however, the decadent desserts aren't the only guests of honor. The silent auction will feature some very popular items. '
We have many, many auction items, one of which we're proud to have here is a fiddle signed by Charlie Daniel's and a music book of 'The Devil Went Down to Georgia' and a signed photo of Charlie Daniel's,' exclaimed Classic Volunteer Ralph Waller

A signed fiddle like this one recently auctioned off for 20 thousand dollars in Tennessee. 'We're hoping we'll have someone in Valdosta step up to the plate and really help a good cause," Waller added.

Chocolate Classic volunteers are hoping to raise upwards of twenty thousand dollars. All proceeds will go to Easter Seals to provide services for children and adults with disabilities. The event will start at 6 PM tomorrow night at the Rainwater Conference Center in Valdosta.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Charlie helps with new Monday Night Football theme

AP Wire | 06/09/2006 | Hank Williams Jr. to continue MNF anthem: "NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Hank Williams Jr., who has sung the theme for ABC's 'Monday Night Football' since 1989, will continue the tradition next season on ESPN when the football institution moves to the cable network, show officials said Friday.

ESPN - which has an eight-year deal for the Monday-night rights - said in a statement that Williams will continue with a theme based on his hit 'All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight.'

Williams will perform with a band that includes guitarists Rick Nielsen from Cheap Trick and Steven Van Zandt from the E Street Band; keyboardists Little Richard and Bernie Worrell from Parliament Funkadelic; fiddler Charlie Daniels; and saxophonist Clarence Clemons of the E Street Band."

Pictures from the recording session can be seen here.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Charlie Daniels Band Opens CMA Music Festival : News : Charlie Daniels Band Opens CMA Music Festival: Thursday Morning Concert Also Showcases Blaine Larsen, Eric Church

By: Calvin Gilbert

Southern rock was in the air Thursday morning (June 8) when the Charlie Daniels Band kicked off the concerts at the CMA Music Festival in downtown Nashville.

A cool breeze blew across the Cumberland River to the Riverfront Stages area where
fans gathered for four separate concerts featuring a combination of established acts and country music newcomers. With Shannon Brown, Eric Church, Jace Everett and Blaine Larsen joining Daniels for the Country Kickstart show, those performing later in the day included Rhett Akins, Tracy Byrd, Ashley Monroe, Jake Owen, the PovertyNeck Hillbillies, Kevin Sharp, the Bellamy Brothers, Cowboy Crush, the Grascals, Jamey Johnson, Mark Wills, Emerson Drive, Ty England, Luke Stricklin, Trick Pony, Chely Wright and Billy Yates.

Daniels and his band provided an energetic start to the festival that continues through Sunday (June 11). While placing the emphasis on the music, the outspoken Daniels applauded the U.S. military in Iraq for Wednesday's bombing that killed terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.
"The only good terrorist is a dead terrorist," Daniels told the crowd before criticizing the news media for its portrayal of the U.S. war effort in Iraq. He added, "There's no way we're losing that war. We're winning that war in Iraq."

The fans responded to Daniels' political commentary but an even stronger response resulted from his set list that included hits such as "Drinkin' My Baby Goodbye," "Long Haired Country Boy," "The South's Gonna Do It Again" and "The Devil Went Down to Georgia."

The music continues Thursday night at LP Field -- formerly known as the Coliseum -- for a show featuring Gary Allan, Brooks & Dunn, Sara Evans, Pat Green, Little Big Town, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Blake Shelton and Hank Williams Jr.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Daniels "bullies" his way into school - PRORODEO - Daniels "bullies" his way into school: "COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Country music legend and Justin Cowboy Crisis Fund board member Charlie Daniels recently went back to school.

Daniels teamed with PRCA barrelman 'Starvin' Marvin Nash as part of the Bullying Hurts program, to bring awareness to the problem of bullies in schools. The event took place at McClain Christian Academy in Lebanon, Tenn., near Daniels' hometown of Mount Juliet.

Not only did Daniels and Nash speak to the students about how to handle bullies, but they also filmed scenes to be used in a music video to be released at the 110th Annual National PTA Convention and Exhibition in Phoenix (June 24-27).

The music video, which will feature the program's theme song 'Helping Hands,' written by singer/songwriter Jody Adams, will include Daniels as well as members of his family and his band's family. The video will also feature shots from Dildine School in Cheyenne, Wyo.

As another element, the footage will also be used as part of an upcoming series of public service announcements regarding the issue of bullying.

Daniels told the Wilson Post that he hopes part of the footage will be released in a 'music video'-type format for parents to show their children.

Nash, who has been a PRCA member since 1996, takes his program nationwide and reports that there are approximately 200 of his Bullying Hurts programs being used in 37 states, including Tennessee. "When I found out that 160,000 kids didn't go to school every day because of fear, intimidation and bullying, it just knocked me out," Daniels told the Wilson Post. "There definitely needs to be something done about it. I would support a program like this in every school in the nation."

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

What does the CDB and the Village People have in common?

CDB in CA: "The Charlie Daniels Band, Tower of Power and the Village People will return to the San Mateo County Fair, which runs this year Aug. 11 to 20.

Other entertainment acts will be announced closer to the event, which this year celebrates San Mateo County's 150th anniversary."

Charlie keeps the bartenders employed...and clogging

Chick wins $25,000, job in Nashville bar: "Country music giant Charlie Daniels must be pleased with how well Kassie Miller dressed up his old hit, 'The Devil Went Down to Georgia.'

Her greatest concern as she entered 'The Ultimate Coyote Ugly Saloon Search' competition in April was learning to clog to the bar's signature dance song.

But over the course of the reality series on Country Music Television, the 23-year-old Brewer High School graduate nailed it to match her bar flairing, singing and bartending skills. At the grand finale in New Orleans, aired Friday, she won $25,000 and a job at Coyote Ugly in Nashville, where she started work the next day."

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Country Music Association :: Artist Lineups Grow for 2006 CMA Music Festival

Country Music Association :: Artist Lineups Grow for 2006 CMA Music Festival: "The performance by The Charlie Daniels Band will kick off the CMA Music Festival at 10:00 AM on Thursday, June 8."

Which is almost as cool as the fan club party on the 7th at 4:00. Join the fan club to get the invite.

Site news and tour dates. will be undergoing some upgrades this week, so it may be difficult to get to the site for a couple of days.

In the meantime here's a link to the complete CDB tour schedule, along with some upcoming dates:

Fri,05/19/06, Alexandria, VA at The Birchmere

Sat,05/20/06, New York, NY at B.B. King's Blues Club

Sun,05/21/06, Wallingford, CT
at Chevrolet Theatre

Thu,05/25/06, Mount Pleasant, MI at Soaring Eagle Casino

Fri,05/26/06, Metropolis, IL at Harrah's Metropolis Casino

Sat,05/27/06, Metropolis, IL at Harrah's Metropolis Casino

Sun,05/28/06, Cuyahoga Falls, OH at the Blossom Music Center

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Charlie Daniels Band plays party barge

The Post and Courier | | News | Charleston, SC: If you were not at the get-together Thursday night on Shem Creek, you missed what was most likely the party of the year in the Lowcountry.

The invitation-only bash included a laser-light show and tons of Lowcountry food, including ribs, fried quail, mustard-fried venison, shrimp and Frogmore Stew.

Still, the biggest highlight was the Charlie Daniels Band, which played from 9 to 11 p.m. on a barge anchored in the creek in front of the Big Game Billfish Bar and Grill site, formerly home of the Trawler seafood restaurant.

Developer Richard H. Coen of Mount Pleasant had planned to throw the party to celebrate his wife's birthday in April. But he couldn't quite get everything lined up. So he used the bash, called "Ease into Summer," to celebrate Sally's 43rd birthday and to thank family, friends, business partners and employees involved in his new project, a 166-room hotel on Shem Creek named The Landing.

"'Everybody had a good time. It just went too quickly,' he said.

When the band finished playing about 11 p.m., the partying still wasn't done. Coen invited anyone he could catch back to his house for shrimp and grits."

Get to know that dude!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Price: Troops' Morale In Iraq Is High

Price: Troops' Morale In Iraq Is High - CBS News: "If you assume the morale of United States forces serving in Iraq is low, your assumption is wrong, according to Dave Price.

The Early Show weatherman and features reporter just returned from a five-day Mideast trip, during which he joined the Charlie Daniels Band entertaining some 22,000 troops on four bases in Iraq and Kuwait.

On Tuesday, he gave his personal account of the trip, as well as recounting his conversations with soldiers and Marines.

Price said his chats with military personnel were 'completely at random, with no coaching from the military' and 'about their mission, their morale, and what it's like to serve in one of the most hostile places on Earth.'
Price confirmed that entertainers aren't exactly flocking to Iraq to perform for the troops, saying, "Some of the areas we visited are dangerous and some very, very remote." "

Price traveled the whole trip with the CDB.

Charlie Daniels to promote Road Dog Trucking on Sirius

e T r u c k e r : "Charlie Daniels to promote Road Dog Trucking on Sirius
By Lance Orr

Sirius Satellite Radio has named music legend Charlie Daniels to be the voice of Road Dog Trucking, or Sirius Channel 147.

The Daniels song "Road Dogs" (originally about traveling musicians, not truckers) will be the official theme song of the channel, and Daniels will make personal appearances for Sirius throughout the year at various trucking industry events.

Daniels also will appear April 24 as the first guest on the debut Road Dog broadcast of Carl P. Mayfield & the P-Team. Mayfield's program airs weekdays from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern.

"Carl P. and me go way back and have made some wonderful memories together," Daniels said. "It's gonna be a hoot to share a microphone with him and talk to our truck-driving buddies across America."

Daniels' career as a professional musician began in the 1950s with the Misty Mountain Boys. As leader of the Charlie Daniels Band, Daniels has sold millions of records and won many awards, including a Grammy for "The Devil Went Down to Georgia."

Mayfield, a Nashville broadcasting legend, has been a fixture on WKDF and WSIX radio for more than 25 years. Mayfield's "P-Team" includes such comic characters as Bubba Skynyrd, a Harley-riding inhabitant of the Freebird Trailer Park; Homeless Jimmy; and Brother Jonah from the Loose Change Country Cathedral. Handling the newscasts on Mayfield's show will be Nashville broadcasting veteran Mike "The Duke" Donegan.

"Having Charlie Daniels as the voice of Road Dog Trucking is the perfect fit," said Jay Clark, Sirius executive vice president of programming.

Road Dog Trucking is a 24-hour channel for professional drivers featuring news, information, entertainment, music, comedy and live call-ins from drivers nationwide.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Country musician visits MND-B Soldiers

Photos : Country musician visits MND-B Soldiers: "Famed country star Charlie Daniels, signs a Soldier’s guitar here April 19 while visiting troops who had just returned from patrol. He signed everything from hats to weapon slings for the Soldiers during his visit. (U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Maj. Ron Crump, 2nd BCT, 101st Abn. Div.)"

Check the link for a bunch of pictures of CD in Iraq, doing his thing.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Charlie Daniels Band comes to Baghdad for final stop on concert tour through Iraq

Charlie Daniels Band comes to Baghdad for final stop on concert tour through Iraq: "Charlie Daniels Band comes to Baghdad for final stop on concert tour through Iraq

Blackanthem Military News, CAMP LIBERTY, Iraq, April 20, 2006 13:58

Country music legend Charlie Daniels fiddles to the delight of Soldiers while performing 'Redneck Fiddlin’ Man' at a concert Tuesday in front of 4th Infantry Division headquarters. Camp Liberty was the final stop on the band’s second concert tour through Iraq as part of the Stars for Stripes tour. (U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Kristin Kemplin, 363rd MPAD)

Legendary country music star Charlie Daniels and his Band rounded out their most recent Stars for Stripes tour in support of U.S. service members with a rousing performance Tuesday evening at Camp Liberty in Baghdad.

Performing to an enthusiastic crowd of more than 500 military and civilian fans, the band performed many old favorites, including 'Redneck Fiddlin’ Man' and 'The Devil Went Down To Georgia.'

Opening for Daniels was 'Stony Creek,' an ensemble from the 4th Infantry Division Band that also delighted Soldiers by belting out various country twangs.

Many of the Soldiers convoyed from other base camps in the Multi-National Division-Baghdad area of operations to enjoy the outdoor concert, which was held in front of the 4th Inf. Div. headquarters.

Check the preceding link for some great photographs.

Captain Plays Violin With Charlie Daniels

Captain Plays Violin With Charlie Daniels: "Captain Plays Violin With Charlie Daniels

Blackanthem Military News, MCCONNELL AIR FORCE BASE, Kan., April 19, 2006 13:11

To some, it is just a different style of play. To others, it is a separate musical instrument. But when Capt. Ruth Vetter, legal advisor, plans and policies, Multi-National Corps-Iraq, and classical violinist, had the opportunity to play the fiddle with the Charlie Daniel’s Band Tuesday, the two styles became one.

With the crowd waiting for the Daniel’s Band to play, Vetter took to the stage and performed a fiddle solo.

It must have taken a lot of guts to play the fiddle in front of one of the best fiddle players in the world, said Staff Sgt. Justin Seimet, platoon sergeant, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division.

'She did a good job,' he continued. 'I know I couldn’t have done it.'"

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

On TV: In Iraq With Charlie Daniels

On TV: In Iraq With Charlie Daniels - CBS News: "Tuesday, April 18, 2006

American troops in Iraq are getting some pure southern comfort, the musical sounds of country star Charlie Daniels. 'I can't carry a gun, I can't fight, but I can darn sure carry a guitar and pick. So that's why I'm here,' he told The Early Show weatherman and features reporter Dave Price this morning. Price has been on the road, entertaining troops for the past week. To see his interview with Daniels and some of the troops in Baghdad, click here. "

Monday, April 17, 2006

Charlie Daniels in Iraq - to appear on EARLY SHOW Tomorrow! - Charlie Daniels & CBS's Dave Price in Iraq - to appear on EARLY SHOW Tomorrow!: "Charlie Daniels & CBS's Dave Price in Iraq - to appear on EARLY SHOW Tomorrow!

Country music icon and military supporter Charlie Daniels is currently traveling abroad to perform for US Troops as part of the Stars for Stripes tour. Charlie is accompanied by the Charlie Daniels Band and acting as emcee/comedian is CBS Early Show’s Dave Price.

“We’re going over to honor the men and women who protect our way of life. It’s the least we can do,” says Charlie Daniels

“Daniels and Price have both been part of individual tours for Stars for Stripes,” says organizer Judy Seale. “I am trilled that they will both be making their second journey with us to visit and perform for the troops.”

The CBS Early Show will broadcast live with Dave Price and Charlie Daniels on April 18th, barring any unforeseen technical difficulties. Additional footage from this tour will be aired during a future segment on the CBS Early Show.

“I am honored to be coming back and performing for the brave men and women in the armed forces and thrilled to be on tour with my friend, Charlie Daniels. I consider myself a “good ‘ol boy a little further north of the Mason Dixon line,” says Dave Price.

Monday, March 27, 2006

New book about politics and Charlie - Surprise! They don't like his.

The Leaf Chronicle - - Clarksville, TN: "While movie stars and rock musicians routinely get bashed for speaking out on political issues, country's conservatives are rarely told to 'shut up and sing' when they spout off. A lot of their political activism takes place below the radar of the 'elite' media. Martina McBride, Sara Evans, LeAnn Rimes, Chely Wright and Darryl Worley have all been friendly guests on Sean Hannity's right-wing radio show, along with the man Hannity calls 'my buddy Charlie Daniels.'

There was a time when Daniels campaigned for Jimmy Carter, but he has little good to say about any Democrat today, unless you still consider Zell Miller a Democrat. Willman notes: 'This is somebody who, in the '70s ... was singing about being stoned in 'Long Haired Country Boy'; by the '90s, with 'In America,' he was advocating the death penalty for drug pushers. Even Zell might find that a little hardcore.'

But few country stars are as blatantly right-wing as Daniels or Hank Williams Jr. Most will say they're neither Democrat or Republican (like Wright), or they'll claim to be a conservative Democrat (like Toby Keith). Yet they only turn out for GOP rallies, they never criticize the Bush administration and they gleefully slam 'liberals,' 'leftists' and 'the Hollywood crowd' in interviews."

This is an excerpt from a review about a new book about politics and country music.

There are a couple of things that should be pointed out.

Charlie's tune may have changed over the last 20 years but that represents personal progress and development. To quote him from his DVD that was recently released, "We live in a free country. I don't expect everybody to agree with me...The one's who don't, that's fine. If we did everything I wanted to do we'd go down the drain but if we did everything they wanted to do we'd go down the drain, too. We're not all right all the time, and we're not all wrong all the time."

Be it noted here, though, that Charlie's usually right.

Another problem with the article or book, or both, is that Charlie didn't originally record the song In America in the '90s, and that song doesn't advocate the death penalty for drug pushers. The song with the line "If I had my way with people selling dope/I'd take a big tall tree and a short piece of rope" was in the song Simple Man from the late 1980s. They got the gist right, but the facts wrong.

Finally, this may seem obvious, but most of rural America is conservative. How does someone like Robert Byrd come from West Virginia and Bill Clinton from Arkansas then? The economy is so poor in both of those states that anyone who can help the poor gets a vote. That doesn't mean these people who elected them are going to necessarily going to support gay marriage, abortion rights and join NOW. They just need a hand up, and the only one offering them something are the pork barrellers.

[For more of Charlie's opinion visit his site, and for more of my own visit my other site.]

Friday, March 24, 2006

Charlie Church

Hawkins County Online: "Hope Community Church will host country music legend Charlie Daniels from 10:30 a.m. until Noon, Sunday March 26.

The concert at Hope Community Church, located on Highway 11W near the Highway 346 intersection in Surgoinsville, is free to the public, but seating is limited."

Now we're talking...Charlie leading worship. How did they pull that off?

Monday, March 20, 2006

American Idol contestant opened for the CDB

Contestants with acting credits emerge as ringers in American Idol: "Mandisa is a dynamo of energy and poise. Why not? She's already shared a bill with the likes of Shania Twain, Trisha Yearwood, Faith Hill and Charlie Daniels."

Interesting article that points out some other professional experience other American Idol contestants have had, such as Lisa Tucker with a lead in the Lion King in LA, Paris Bennett as an opener for Bow Wow, and Ace Young as an actor on UPN.

It could be argued that anything shown on UPN has a small enough audience that it couldn't effect the outcome of the contest, but it is interesting that for an undiscovered talent show, these people sound like they have been discovered.

There are a couple of good reasons to give Mandisa the benefit of the doubt in this situation, and possibly to push for her vote. First, she opened for our man Charlie. Second, she may be the only contestent who could literally fit in his pants.

It may be time to champion a new contestant instead of speed dialing the number to get the lithpy chicken little character elected now. Well, maybe in a few weeks.

It's too fun listening to people say they can't believe he's still on the show.

"I’ve never watched Survivor or any of the rest of the myriad
reality shows and although you’re probably not going to believe this, I’ve never watched American Idol." --- Charlie Daniels, 2/27/06

Charlie Daniels Made NASCAR What It Is

Charlotte Observer | 03/19/2006 | Right for the Right?: "Think about it, a $6 billion a year industry supported by Fortune 500 companies and Charlie Daniels."

Here's an interesting letter from a county commisioner in North Carolina who says a NASCAR Hall of Fame would be good for the city of Charlotte, and adds that Charlie is responsible for carrying that industry.

Glad to see there's someone who has figured it out!

Friday, February 24, 2006

Heartworn Highways CD

The City Paper - Smart, Fast, Free: "This disc, unlike the DVD, contains entire performances of the existing songs rather than snippets or fragments. We also have been advised that the sound quality on the CD has been speed corrected, while the songs on the DVD are actually being played 10 percent too fast. Lastly, the 80-minute cap time on a CD prevented the compilers from being able to fit every single song from the film onto the disc, but they weren't allowed by the management of the Charlie Daniels Band to put their tunes on it anyhow."

This little tidbit came in at the tail end of article as a correction to some earlier article written about this CD. It's for sale at Amazon, but a word of warning. There's no CDB on the thing at all. I'm not saying that's a good thing, but if you ever heard DAC's rant on guards driving caddies you might have second thoughts about getting it anyway. I can't let that prison talk into my cd player, if you get my drift.

Charlie Daniels: Still Rockin'

Country Weekly: Charlie Daniels: Still Rockin': "Charlie Daniels may be approaching 70, but he's still going strong with a Grammy nomination, an acclaimed CD, a DVD, a full tour schedule . . . and a great duet with Brenda Lee."

I guess they're gonna make you stand in line at the grocery store to read this one...from Country Weakly. I mean, Weekly.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

CDB in the California Mid-State Fair lineup

San Luis Obispo Tribune | 02/15/2006 | ‘Soul Provider,’ ‘The Joker’ and an ‘Idol’ join California Mid-State Fair lineup: "Announced free-stage acts include country acts Ronnie Milsap (Aug. 1), Billy Ray Cyrus (Aug. 2) and the Charlie Daniels Band (Aug. 3), Christian group Casting Crowns (Aug. 4), and a July 26 show on the Boys of Summer Tour, featuring Jordan Knight of New Kids on the Block, Jeff Timmons of 98 Degrees, Bryan Abrams of Color Me Badd and Michael Copon of the TV show 'One Tree Hill.'"

Great news for anyone in the Golden State!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Alan Jackson following in Charlie's footsteps

Country artist Alan Jackson takes gospel turn: What was originally intended as a Christmas gift for his mother will soon become a treat for all of Alan Jackson ‘s fans.

"Precious Memories," due February 28 on ACR/Arista Nashville, is a highly personal effort for the country superstar.

A collection of vintage hymns that the Georgia native grew up singing in church, "Precious Memories" features 15 of Jackson‘s favorite classics in an intimate, acoustic setting. The famously private entertainer even has his wife, Denise, and daughters Mattie and Ali join him on "‘Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus." (Jackson says daughter Dani chickened out when it came to singing, but gets a credit for "assistant background vocals" for retrieving her dad a bottle of water.)

In the ‘60s and ‘70s, country artists frequently recorded gospel songs or entire gospel albums, but then the practice seemed to fall out of favor. In recent years, more country acts have returned to singing about their faith. Brad Paisley puts a gospel song on every album.
Charlie Daniels, Billy Ray Cyrus and Anne Murray have released Christian collections, and Randy Travis has recorded several Christian albums for Word Records, one of which spawned the multi-award-winning hit 'Three Wooden Crosses.'

Most of these efforts, like Jackson‘s, project a deeply personal feel. That is enhanced on 'Precious Memories' by the photographs Jackson himself took for the CD package, using a timer to capture his own image in front of a little country church.

'I just decided that I‘d take my own dang pictures,' he says. 'So I went over to a little church that I go by sometimes, and I took a couple pictures. I also took (pictures of) this old Bible that we had at the house. I like the old-looking stuff.'

Pat Boone wants the CDB in the Superbowl Halftime Show

WorldNetDaily: Is it just me?: "Are we fresh out of popular and dazzling entertainers of domestic origin?

I wonder. There's one more huge, worldwide sporting event – the World Cup, the Super Bowl of soccer. Has any American entertainer, no matter how popular and currently 'hot,' ever been invited to perform on that platform? I guess Europeans still have the old-fashioned notion that Europeans and Asians who are into that most popular sport prefer to be dazzled and entertained by their own stars. Curious, isn't it?

But back to our own Super event: Has Bruce Springsteen, Mr. 'Born in the USA,' ever been our halftime performer? Couldn't Toby Keith and Shania Twain, or Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, or maybe Charlie Daniels and Allison Kraus do a whale of a halftime show? And what about Garth Brooks, for Pete's sake?! Simon and Garfunkel filled Central Park, and so did Barbra Streisand. Neil Diamond fills stadiums everywhere, for multiple nights. Or how about an 'American Idol' halftime, featuring not just the winners, but some of the extremely talented runners-up? An all American show-of-shows, and really one for the whole family?"

Good idea, Pat!

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Monitor - McAllen, Texas

The Monitor - McAllen, Texas: "They recently released a new album — they’ve done about 40 — called Angels and Outlaws. It’s a guest artist album, he said, with Charlie Daniels, Dolly Parton, Allen Jackson, Pat Green and George Jones, among others. This is reflective of the band’s broad range of influences."

This is the Bellamy Brothers, and the song that Charlie sings with them is...prepare yourself: Kids of the Baby Boom. Here's the rest:
  • You Ain`t Just Whistlin` Dixie - (with Alan Jackson)
  • Reggae Cowboy - (with Tanya Tucker/David Allan Coe)
  • Kids Of The Baby Boom - (with Charlie Daniels/Bobby Bare)
  • Alligator Alley - (with John Anderson)
  • Old Hippie - (with Montgomery Gentry)
  • Let Your Love Flow - (with Hal Ketchum/Lisa Brokop)
  • Guardian Angel - (with Willie Nelson)
  • If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body (Would You Hold It Against Me) - (with Dolly Parton)
  • Redneck Girl - (with Pat Green)
  • Dancin` Cowboys - (with Trini Triggs)
  • Sugar Daddy - (with George Jones)
  • Crazy From the Heat - (with Chris Hillman/Herb Pedersen/Rhonda Vincent)

Thursday, January 19, 2006



By: Red Phillips

There is something very satisfying about enthusiastically embracing the epithets that are hurled at me by my enemies…err…critics. Apparently, I am not alone in this. Retired Senator Jesse Helms once earned the knick-name 'Senator No' because of his tendency to vote against legislation. As a result he began to proudly wear on the Senate floor a button created by his opponents with that moniker, and the name was quickly adopted by his supporters as well.

Well I intend to carry on in that grand tradition. When my detractors call me a 'bible-thumping fundamentalist' I reply, 'I’m just a sinner saved by grace, but I am trying hard to live up to that description.' When they say I want to 'dismantle the entire federal government' I object, 'No, not the whole thing. I want to retain the border patrol.' When they say I am a 'reactionary' I plead, 'Please don’t leave out ‘knee-jerk.’' And when they claim I’m 'living in the past' and 'want to roll back the clock,' I suggest, '1776 might be a good place to stop.'

But there is one epithet that until now I have only been able to embrace half-heartily at best. My tendency to grouse about Lincoln and his invasion as well as my Georgia raisin’ and fondness for fishing, pickup-trucks, country music and professional rasslin’ have often earned me the label of 'redneck.' This is usually in jest, but it is sometimes, especially in a political context, a definite term of derision.

Some Southerners have embraced the term. Gretchen Wilson’s hit 'Redneck Girl' is a prime example. On a more scholarly note, Dr. Clyde Wilson uses it fondly in his essay 'The Rednecks Did It.' (If you have time to read all the replies, there is a lengthy and enlightening discussion on the mixed meanings of 'redneck,' and the concerns I have about whole-heartedly adopting the term.) In brief, the problem I have with the word 'redneck' is that it seems to have at least two meanings. It more benignly implies rural, usually Southern but not exclusively, unsophisticated, favoring "mass" culture to "high" culture, and working class among other things. This is generally the way Jeff Foxworthy uses the term, for example, or the way Charlie Daniels uses it in his song "What This World Needs is a Few More Rednecks." ("What most folks call a Redneck ain't nothing but a working man, who makes a living by the sweat of his brow and the calluses on his hand.") I have no objection to this aspect of the term.

However, it also less benignly connotes excessive alcohol use, chewing, dipping, and smoking, Hell-raising, underemployment, and various other social pathologies. Here we have dueling Southern stereotypes. On the one hand we are all supposed to be a bunch of Bible-Belt fundamentalist, and on the other we are all hard-drinking, tobacco spitting, degenerates. Of course, both elements exist as they do in any society. I will admit, for example, that there are a few pious Yankees among all the apostates, but all Southerners can not fit both stereotypes. Of course logic never stops the Yankee in his attempts to demonize Southerners. And for the oh-so-modern Yankee, the two indictments are equally negative. By their reckoning it is just as bad to be a true believer as it is a semi-literate, hard living, alcoholic.

As I stated above, I am just a sinner saved by grace, so I find the Bible-Belt stereotype worth embracing and nurturing. One of the most noble aspects of the South is that is has retained its religious orthodoxy to a much greater degree than the North, despite all the insults of modernity. But as someone who was raised in one of those Southern church-going households, I’m not sure I want a label that implies excessive drinking and partying. Unfortunately, I believe some who have embraced the "redneck" label are glorying in the more unsavory aspects as well. The above mentioned Gretchen Wilson’s follow-up hit "All Jacked Up" is a perfect example.

So with that disclaimer and some trepidation, I can now say that I have found a variation of the term that I can embrace. I have at last found my true niche. I am a "white-collar redneck."

First, a little personal background. Since I am a physician I can no longer credibly claim working class status, although I proudly claim working class roots. I am well educated and reasonably professionally successful. As a result, I often find that people will make certain assumptions about my tastes, preferences, beliefs, etc. It is often assumed that my success has caused me to reject the more stereotypically "redneck" aspects of my Georgia roots for more "appropriate" pursuits and interests. It really throws them off when they discover my interest in professional rasslin.’ An interest that has waned significantly since Yankee Vince big-footed the smaller regional promotions and replaced them with his irreverent soft-porn, but that is an essay for another day. It is fun to watch their jaws drop when I defend the Confederate flag, contend that contrary to Yankee received wisdom the South is not the sole repository of racial strife, or tell them that I belong to the Gun Owners of America because the NRA is too wishy-washy. On hearing these revelations, I am often told that, "Gasp. You sound like a redneck." As I said, sometimes this is said in jest, but other times it is definitely not used flatteringly.

But if Charlie Daniels is correct with his "sweat of the brow" and callused hands references, can I truly be a "redneck?" My wife frequently suggests that I am actually a "wanna-be redneck." (The nerve of her!) She even suggests that my desire to buy a four wheel drive pick-up with at least a six inch lift and the work boots, flannel shirts, and jean jackets that I frequently wear are an effort to "overcompensate" for my professional and scholastic success. (Again, what nerve!) She says I am too bookish and strait-laced to be a "real redneck" and that my more "redneck" pretensions amount to wishful thinking at best or posing at worst. She has even compared my antics to super diva J. Lo’s laughable protest in song that she is still "Jenny from the block." (As you can tell, my wife speaks her mind.)

Just recently someone described me as an enigma. But thankfully, I need be an enigma no longer. A few days ago I Googled some term and one of the articles that returned in the search was "Beware of the White-Collar Redneck" (WCR) by Rabbi Marc Howard Wilson. Intrigued, I explored further. According to Rabbi Wilson’s liberal mind this was definitely a term of derision. Note that we must "beware" of the WCR as if he is some sort of guard dog seeking to maul us. But, happily for me, the WCR is not defined by his excessive indulgences but by his failure to uncritically accept all the Rabbi’s liberal assumptions. I will deal with his article specifically in a future essay, but as for not uncritically accepting all his liberal assumptions, I readily plead, "Guilty as charged." For now, I would just like Rabbi Wilson to know how thankful I am that he has finally identified my true niche. Now when my wife pokes fun, I can tell her that I am in fact a redneck, a white-collar redneck, that is. It sure beats being an enigma.

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