Friday, September 02, 2005

Every fiddle contest has a little bit of Charlie in it

TO DO WITH A FRIEND: "I had my musical life-changing experience at Memphis' Beale Street Music Festival in May 2004. It was that day I saw the fiddle-playing master himself, Charlie Daniels. Boy, if the devil was down in Georgia, God was definitely in Tennessee that day.

I always liked the violin, but the fiddle was a new breed to me. With Daniels' fingers moving faster than any guitarists' I'd ever seen, the melodies moved quickly and the dancers even quicker.

On Labor Day, you have the chance to hear the next generation's fiddle masters -- and you don't have to drive seven hours to do it.

A fiddle contest is taking place that day, with prizes to be awarded to the top fiddlers. The youth contest starts at 11 a.m. and you'd better believe these kids can play. In the afternoon, the competition heats up with lifelong fiddlers going against each other, playing three pieces -- including a slow piece, a fast piece and a piece of their choice."

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