Thursday, September 15, 2005

Charlie talks about a new trip to Iraq in 4-06, and about his Biography

The best that's ever been: "There's an element of sameness between writing music and writing fiction. Except with fiction, you have more time to get your thought out and you don't have to rhyme."

"I got a high school diploma - thank God. I was lucky to get that. I've never taken any writing classes. I just sit down and start writing, and try to make it as interesting and informative as I can... I tend to enjoy it. Though, if it comes to my druthers, I'd rather write music."

On his biography:
"I've been working on my bio for several years now. But it's slow-sloggin'... After all, I'm still livin' this thing... I think it's important to be concise... No one cares what I had for dinner July 14."

On trips to visit the military:

"We started out a long time ago, entertaining the troops. I’ve been to Korea three times. We’ve been to Cuba. To Kosovo. Wherever the troops are, that’s where we go. I’m a very huge supporter of the military... I hope to go over next April if we can. They’re the greatest bunch of kids I’ve ever been around."

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