Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Despite $100,000 from Charlie Daniels, Galilean Home needs financial help "Sandy Tucker founded the Galilean Home with her husband, Jerry. The home takes care of orphans and the disabled. Its Angel House takes care of babies born to incarcerated women, until their mothers get out of prison.

The Tuckers believe that natural disasters this summer have prompted people to donate to other causes, and that has lowered the level of donations.

Sandy is the main fundraiser in the organization, but has been in the hospital twice in March as she fights colon cancer. Since she has been ill she hasn't written her newsletter regularly, and said that may also have had an impact on donations.

'I don't often write a plea letter,' she said of her note in the August newsletter. 'But, if you don't let people know where you are standing ... we need to get out of debt.'

Soon after the newsletter was mailed, Charlie Daniels, a well-known country music singer and fiddler, sent a check for $100,000.

'It was a miracle,' Sandy said, adding that it would help them pay the electric bill that has been past due for four months and some other bills."

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