Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Free MP3 of the Devil Went Down to Jordan by Apologetix

You can pick up a free MP3 download of a parody of the Devil Went Down to Georgia by a band called ApologetIX. Check the column on the left and click for the MP3. They ask for you to join the fan club but it's free, so you'll get some email updates.

John the Baptist washed the Lord and there's where it all starts
Cause Jesus left the Jordan and the devil hit Him hard
And if He wins we get to walk on Heaven's streets of gold
But if He sins, the devil gets your soul

They have done a ton of parodies of pop songs with a Christian slant. They're very talented -- check out the rip off of Crazy Train about how Ozzy needs saved called, yep, Lazy Brain. One line:

There was a cola war and Ozzy succumbed
He’ll sell Mr. Bubble when MTV’s done

At the end of that song, a barely audible "I'm the Prince of Bubbles. Sharrrrron!"

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