Thursday, June 30, 2005

Charlie Veggie Tales Video

Check out Veggie Tales for a video of Minnesota Cuke, a song by Charlie Daniels.

My one year old loves Veggie Tales so this is definitely coming to our DVD player soon. Alright, I would get it even if I was single and living on an Oil Rig. It's got Charlie and the weird vegetable that sang a heartbreaker about a cheesburger in it.

Some interesting things about this video:
  • Charlie is wearing this hat with a cross on it that I've seen in a couple of videos. I have no idea what it says.
  • Joining Charlie in the studio are Bruce Ray Brown and Chris Wormer, members of the CDB. I'm stoked Chris is back in the band, he rails on guitar and he adds to the band musically (Fiddle Fire was a tough instrumental, and he wrote it.)
  • Bruce is shown playing drums, which is interesting. They don't show a clear shot of his face but it's him baby. He's got the yellow Livestrong wristband, which is cool since he survived cancer. Usually Pat MacDonald plays drums with Charlie, so maybe Bruce was Acting!
  • Charlie is shown playing a fiddle. Not an electric signature Charlie Daniels Zeta, either.
The Veggie Tales site has the video for sale. They call him a bluegrass legend on the store site, which was a little different than the billing he normally gets. There's also an interview with him on the DVD, and what more could you want for $15 besides a plate full of homegrown Bob the 'Maters?

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