Thursday, June 30, 2005

Charlie Veggie Tales Video

Check out Veggie Tales for a video of Minnesota Cuke, a song by Charlie Daniels.

My one year old loves Veggie Tales so this is definitely coming to our DVD player soon. Alright, I would get it even if I was single and living on an Oil Rig. It's got Charlie and the weird vegetable that sang a heartbreaker about a cheesburger in it.

Some interesting things about this video:
  • Charlie is wearing this hat with a cross on it that I've seen in a couple of videos. I have no idea what it says.
  • Joining Charlie in the studio are Bruce Ray Brown and Chris Wormer, members of the CDB. I'm stoked Chris is back in the band, he rails on guitar and he adds to the band musically (Fiddle Fire was a tough instrumental, and he wrote it.)
  • Bruce is shown playing drums, which is interesting. They don't show a clear shot of his face but it's him baby. He's got the yellow Livestrong wristband, which is cool since he survived cancer. Usually Pat MacDonald plays drums with Charlie, so maybe Bruce was Acting!
  • Charlie is shown playing a fiddle. Not an electric signature Charlie Daniels Zeta, either.
The Veggie Tales site has the video for sale. They call him a bluegrass legend on the store site, which was a little different than the billing he normally gets. There's also an interview with him on the DVD, and what more could you want for $15 besides a plate full of homegrown Bob the 'Maters?

Daniels revisits bluegrass influences - and appears on Veggie Tales

Daniels revisits bluegrass influences - "Daniels revisits bluegrass influences

When: Live music starts at 1 p.m. Sunday. The Charlie Daniels Band is expected to perform starting around 8 p.m.

By Kellie B. Gormly
Thursday, June 30, 2005

Charlie Daniels still reigns as the outspoken, passionate epitome of Dixie culture and conservatism -- and he will proudly bathe his Pennsylvania audience with his musical Southern hospitality on Sunday.

Daniels -- lead singer of The Charlie Daniels Band, which is 35 years old -- jokingly says that people need not be a 'loudmouth' like him. But if they're red-blooded Americans -- whether Yankee or Rebel -- they should think critically and speak up. Who cares if their thoughts are popular?"

Great article with some insight to the man and the band.

"In April, Daniels sung and co-wrote the theme song for a "Veggie Tales" episode: "Minnesota Cuke & The Search for Samson's Hairbrush." Now, he and his band are working on another secular music album, which they may finish within about a year."


"I've written a lot of different kinds of music," Daniels says. "If I could find a good libretto, I'd write a good Broadway musical. I just love writing."

Dwight Yoakam and the Charlie Daniels Band benefit concert at WCU

Smoky Mountain News | Arts Events: " Dwight Yoakam and the Charlie Daniels Band benefit concert at WCU

Tickets go on sale Friday, July 1, for a special appearance later this summer by Dwight Yoakam, two-time Grammy Award-winning country music star, at the Ramsey Regional Activity Center on the campus of Western Carolina University.

Amidst a major cross-country tour promoting his new album, Blame the Vain, Yoakam will perform a benefit concert at Western on Friday, Aug. 19, for Habitat for Humanity and other charities. He’ll be joined by special guest the Charlie Daniels Band. Showtime is 7:30 p.m."

Charlie loves people.

CD loves dogs, too

Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary & Hospital, a no kill facility: "20th Annual Celebrity Dog Wash
& Band-Aid Festival

Purpose: A dog wash festival, featuring live national recording artists to benefit Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary & Hospital, a no-kill animal shelter in Jupiter. This year's artists include Blair Lindsey, Lucy Angel and The Charlie Daniel's Band."

Hey, hippies, figure this one out. He's multi-dimensional.

Charlie wows 'em in Utah

StandardNET/Standard-Examiner: "The Charlie Daniels Band sang 'The Devil Went Down to Georgia.'

Hill Air Force Base personnel attending the concert sang the praises of Daniels.

'Oh, this is great. I didn't expect to get a backstage pass,' said Sgt. Dale Jacobs, who said he is a fan of Daniels because of the support the musician has for the military.

Jacobs was one of 10 base workers selected to go backstage and meet Daniels prior to his Tuesday performance at the Ed Kenley Amphitheater in Layton.

To jump-start the Fourth of July holiday activities, the Davis Arts Council teamed up with the Southern rocker in paying tribute to military and civilian base personnel.

'Charlie (Daniels) is such a patriot. Everything he does is so American,' said Brian Lopez, Davis Arts Council marketing and development director.

The mix of military and civilian personnel -- and four guests of Boeing, the concert sponsor, were given the opportunity to go backstage to meet Daniels, who was all smiles and Southern drawl welcoming each as if they were a long-lost relative.

When asked to smile for personal photos, Daniels hammed, 'I'm doing one of my old face-crackers.'

After signing autographs, a fiddle and some shirts, Daniels then went out and performed before a loud crowd of 1,700 people who refused to allow rain clouds to chase them away."

Check out the article for the full lowdown and a great picture. If you get a username and password prompt use id standardnet and bugmenot for the password.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

The Devil Goes Down to Indio By WES WOODS II / The Press-Enterprise: "Charlie Daniels understands why the catchy lyrics and sound of 'The Devil Went Down To Georgia' remain as popular today as ever.

'It's kind of a novelty song,' Daniels said in a recent telephone interview. 'One of the basic things is real young kids, 7-year-old and 8-year-old kids, can understand it. Little guys like it, grow up with it; it's just one of those songs.'

The Charlie Daniels Band will perform at 8 p.m. Sunday at the Fantasy Springs Resort Casino in Indio.

Daniels has also been called one of the first white artists to perform a rap song because of the 1979 hit.

'I've had people tell me that. When I went on Arsenio Hall, he said I got into country rap,' the singer said, adding that R&B group Earth, Wind & Fire and hip-hop's Black Eyed Peas have also told him he was one of the first white rap artists.

Daniels said the song was actually a form of talking blues, an old form of music.

As for hip-hop music, Daniels said, 'I don't really understand a lot of it. A lot of it sounds like the same song and over. While it's not something I listen to, there are some groups that do it well like Black Eyed Peas and MC Hammer.'

His favorite collaborations have including working with Bob Dylan and former Beatle George Harrison.

'Bob Dylan has been the biggest impression on me,' Daniels said. 'Not so much try to write like him or be like him, but his caliber of work, to put the English language together in that unique way is an inspiration.'

For the Indio show, Daniels will perform for an hour and 15 minutes with four new songs including a cut from his new gospel-bluegrass album 'Songs From The Longleaf Pines' and his career hits.

'We do the songs they expect us to. We do the ones on radio and television,' he said."

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Charlie Show Tomorrow

Hey Kids,

I'm going to the Petaluma show tomorrow, so hopefully I'll have something to report. I hope to see some of you California CDB Fans there. I'll keep my eye out for you! If you happen to see my ugly mug let me know. (I'm on the left here).

I'll be going to the show with my friend Bennett, who hasn't ever had the chance to see the CDB. This is another long haul but closer than Tennessee.

Anyway, I'm ready to go. I'll try to add some information about the show here as soon as I can.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

'Sweet Home' Country Owes Debt to Rock

'Sweet Home' Country Owes Debt to Rock: "'Album-oriented rock kind of went away as a big format,' Daniels said. 'I don't think you'd hear (Bob) Dylan today outside of college or alternative stations, and it's a shame because it would be a big loss.'"

Good article, with some good Charlie quotations on Southern Rock.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

July Fourth celebration expanding in Nashville

July Fourth celebration expanding in Nashville - 2005-06-02: "Nashville's celebration will be shown live nationally by Great American Country cable network. It will also be shown on television station WSMV Channel 4 and aired on radio stations WKDF-FM and 104 The Zone. Daniels will have two performances: one to be broadcast and an hour-long one following the broadcast that will be recorded for an upcoming CD."


Charlie Daniels Playing Show for Soldiers - Foxlife - Charlie Daniels Playing Show for Soldiers: "'I'm a big supporter of the military,' Daniels said. 'I can't carry a rifle, but I can carry a guitar and a fiddle.'
Daniels was at Shaw Air Force Base (search) on Tuesday, entertaining the troops in an airplane hanger."

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Soldiers Jam with Charlie Daniels Soldiers Jam with Charlie Daniels: "LOS ANGELES-June 1, 2005 — Want to jam with Charlie Daniels and his band? Several young players got to do just that recently, although there must be an easier way to get that gig.

Daniels recently returned from a tour in Iraq, where he played for American servicemen and women. He says 'At one of the camps they had a lot of guys there who played instruments, so we just invited them to come up on stage and we played with them.'

Daniels adds, 'We were there for their entertainment, anyway.'

Daniels' current CD is 'Songs From The Longleaf Pines.'"