Thursday, April 28, 2005

CDB News Update

Hey Folks!

I've updated the news page to use so this will make it cake to update new news items, and I'll be able to do it from any computer if I run into something worthy of posting. This allows you to post comments to newsworthy items and should make the site more interactive.

I tried to integrate it into the rest of the site and I think it work well, as well as offer little items like a spell check, which will make me feel better.

Keep an eye posted for some updates to the Stories section, since in the last month I've received two great additions to that. One was from a soldier in Iraq's dad who got a picture of his son with Charlie. The same dad saw Charlie play back in the 70s when he was in the Navy, so the CDB is spanning the generations now. The other story is from a DJ in Iowa who got to work with the CDB and it helped pull her out of a "fog." You'll have to read it to see what she means.

If you regularly check the Soapbox (link above) on Charlie's site, you've probably noticed his electronic journal of his trip to Iraq, which is pretty cool to read. It's great to know that he's can put his money where his mouth is. Sounds like a cool trip.

Thanks for reading, and we'll keep you updated on what's going on!

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