Friday, December 16, 2005

CHARLIE DANIELS REACTS TO GRAMMY NOMINATION, TN – Today, Charlie Daniels received a GRAMMY nomination for Best Country Instrumental Performance; I’ll Fly Away – a track from Songs From The Longleaf Pines [Blue Hat Records / Koch Records Nashville]. This marks the first GRAMMY nomination for Blue Hat Records, the independent label co-owned by Daniels and his long-time manager David Corlew.

“I'm very pleased, surprised and thankful,” says Charlie Daniels on the news of receiving a Grammy nomination for “I’ll Fly Away.”

'I am excited for Charlie, Blue Hat Records and everyone that played on the song. It's great to be part of an organization like NARAS that allows Blue Hat Records, an independent label, to be recognized along with the majors,' says David Corlew."

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Charlie Daniels gets guitars to troops

Charlie Daniels gets guitars to troops: "Charlie Daniels gets guitars to troops

Associated Press

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A project sparked by North Carolina-bred singer Charlie Daniels has collected thousands of dollars in donated musical instruments for troops in Iraq.

Daniels donated one of his own instruments to 'Operation Heartstrings' earlier this year when he learned that soldiers didn't have guitars for church services. He asked guitar manufacturers to do the same.

'We never envisioned this much stuff. I'm overwhelmed by the support out there for the troops,' said Daniels. He said 'only one company that will remain nameless turned us down.'

Gibson Guitar, one of the nation's top instrument makers, surprised the Wilmington native by offering 100 guitars worth $35,000 US and thousands of dollars worth of accessories.

'We're talking about guys over there who are representing us and putting life on the line,' co-owner Henry Juszkiewicz said.

Daniels, 69, and his band learned of the need while touring the Middle East doing shows for soldiers.

'We found that many of them played musical instruments of one kind or another and they wanted to sit in with the band. But they didn't have enough instruments to go around," he said.

Daniels' platinum single The Devil Went Down to Georgia topped both country and pop charts and won a Grammy.

WorldNetDaily: A Charlie Daniels Thanksgiving

WorldNetDaily: A Charlie Daniels Thanksgiving:
In my house, we have a great tradition on Thanksgiving: We go around the table, and each person in my family explains what they're most thankful for. It's always meaningful and often hilarious (when the second of my three younger sisters was about 5, for example, she responded, "I am thankful for my lips"). That's what Thanksgiving is about: sharing time with family and giving thanks to God for all of our blessings.

This year, it's difficult to feel especially thankful. Hurricane Katrina devastated Louisiana and Mississippi; the war in Iraq continues; the threat of terrorism remains real. But perhaps that's the challenge of Thanksgiving – remembering, even in the face of tragedy and hardship, that there is so much to be grateful for.

So here is what I am most thankful for this Thanksgiving: I am thankful to God that I live in a country of patriots with true American values. And I am thankful that God continues to guard us. I have faith that He will continue to guard and keep us as long as we strive to bring Godliness to our own lives and to the lives of others.

That cosmic mission – to spread American values across the globe in order to protect American values at home – is difficult, rife with pain and sacrifice. At the same time that we thank God for his beneficence, we must thank those fighting every day to secure the blessings God has granted us. To that end, I spoke last week with Charlie Daniels, the founder of the fantastic Charlie Daniels Band. Daniels is heading up Operation Heartstrings, a "plea to corporate America to help the dedicated men and women serving in the Armed Forces overseas ... by providing instruments, albums, DVDs, CD and DVD players," according to Daniels' website.

Daniels is a uniquely American figure – his America is the America for which I am thankful. Daniels, whose new album, "Songs from the Longleaf Pines," is an uplifting mix of country, bluegrass, gospel and psalm-reading, described his vision of patriotism thus:

This country was founded on a Judeo-Christian principle – it makes no difference what the ACLU says about it. Why would we deny our Judeo-Christian heritage? Why, after 200 years of prosperity and blessing, would we turn our back on the Almighty? Patriotism is about doing what's best for the country – and the best thing for this country is to get back to God again. That's what's going to have to happen in this country if we're going to stay who we are and keep our place in the world.

For this uncompromising vision of America, Daniels has taken a huge amount of flak. But he doesn't back down in the face of adversity. "If I'm the last man standing, and I believe in something, I'm going to say what I want. I get criticism for the way I feel – some people in the press don't like it, but too darn bad. I can't live with lying," he told me. "You should stick by your own guns." Backbone. That's what America is all about. Standing alone is not a crime, as long as you're standing on the side of the right.

This is a kind of muscular Americanism the moral-relativist left cannot stand, and Daniels knows it. But he isn't going to worry about being called a hick or a rube. "The people who think like that are ignorant," Daniels explained.

I'm a redneck, and I'm proud of it. I like guns, hunting, fishing, football, NASCAR, riding horses. I don't care a thing about sophistication. I'm totally politically incorrect and I don't care who knows it ... And I think Americans, as they get older, come around to this way of thinking. People get out in the world, have to get a job, and they find out that the problems people are dealing with are everyday problems ... When you're young, and the world's not affecting you, it's very easy to be liberal in thought. When it all falls on your shoulders, your thought turns around. And that's purely American.

Some surely believe that Daniels' America is passe, a relic of the past. Some surely believe that Daniels' music, religious and authentically American, reflects an unwashed backwardness. I believe that Daniels' America is alive and thriving. And, like Daniels, I thank God – and the men and women standing in harm's way – that it is.

Ben Shapiro, who wrote this piece for world net daily, is 21.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Charlie Daniels Announces An Operation Close to His Heart!

Charlie Daniels Announces An Operation Close to His Heart!
Friday, November 18 2005 @ 09:37 AM EST

Charlie Daniels launches Operation Heartstrings, which is a plea to corporate America to help the dedicated men and women serving in the Armed Forces overseas combat the loneliness and isolation of service in the War on Terror by providing instruments, albums, DVDs, CD and DVD players.

Operation Heartstrings is designed to put musical instruments and other sources of portable entertainment into the hands of the men and women who serve our country in some of the most desolate parts of the world.

“On a recent trip to Southwest Asia to entertain our men and women in uniform,” said Charlie Daniels, “we found that many of them played musical instruments of one kind or another. But the amount of instruments available to them was extremely limited. We’re asking for your help.”

Charlie Daniels is partnering with Major General Gus Hargett of the Tennessee National Guard and the Tennessee Air Guard, Brigadier General Russell Frutiger at USAREUR (US Army Europe), and the G-1 division MWR (Morale, Welfare, and Recreation). These partners are providing transportation from Nashville to all branches of the Armed Forces serving in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Henry Juskiewicz of Gibson Guitar is leading the way in and 100 Operation Heartstrings t-shirts, while Gravely/Ariens have contributed the financial resources to get this program underway. Additional donations include Gorilla and Pignose Amps and Guitars, Black Diamond Strings, Peavey Amps, Forks Drum Closet, Gretsch Electric Guitars, keyboards from Soundcheck/Nashville, Rapco International Cords, Shure Microphones, Vic Firth Drumsticks, Ernie Ball Guitar Picks, laptop computers from Bridgestone/Firestone, CDs from Sony Nashville, DVDs and CDs from Anderson Merchandisers, and keyboards from SIR Nashville.

Tax deductible donations can be made through STARS FOR STRIPES at, a nonprofit corporation.

Ok...The title was a bit over the top but it came with the URL, so I figured what the heck.

Thursday, November 10, 2005


Just a quick reminder that the new Charlie Daniels DVD was released on Tuesday, November 8th. I'll check it out as soon as I can find a copy, and let you know how bad you're missing out.

You can get it now at Amazon:

Charlie Daniels Salutes Country Music and Veterans of War

Press Release: On Friday, November 11th at the historic Roseland Ballroom, the legendary Charlie Daniels will join together with athletes and dignitaries in a variety concert to raise money and awareness for the veterans of America's armed forces and their families.

Additionally, some guy who sang a song about heartburn will sing with Charlie on stage. No word yet if the heartburn was caused by the knowlege that Al Franken will appear at the same event.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Gretchen Wilson: Skoal Man

The Bulletin Online: "Other songs on the new record have Wilson’s trademark rockin’ country with titles straight outta Nashville: songs like “One Bud Wiser,” “Rebel Child,” “He Ain’t Even Cold Yet,” and “Skoal Ring”: “We were sitting there writing a song about tobacco, first of all, about Skoal, so I just loved it immediately because it sounded so Loretta. It sounded so old and real and to the point and country to the bone, you know? And of course, it should, like I said, we’re singing about Skoal. When we got to the second verse and we’re trying to figure out...we came up with ‘I’ve always been a Bandit Girl and he’s a Long Cut Man.”
“And we got stuck there for awhile, and I remember that for a few minutes we just sat there and tried to figure out what the next line was. I remember saying something about, ‘I’m Bandit Girl, he’s Long Cut Man, those are so...different. The idea is that we still get along even though we have different-colored cans. When I said that, John Rich almost fell out of his chair backwards. I said, ‘What's so funny about that?’ And he said, ‘Gretchen, that is so truly you to think that we could be so different because we chew different flavors of Skoal. That’s the most redneck thing I've ever heard in my life. But we’ve gotta use it because it’s true. That’s really the way you feel.”
Proving that she is indeed a “Redneck Woman,” Wilson cops to a not-so-secret vice: “Yes, I use Skoal. But I’m berry blend, pouches, so it’s not loose in my mouth. It’s more of a girly flavor, I guess. So I guess I can be feminine,” she says with a laugh. While Hank Jr. and Charlie Daniels appeared in the video for “All Jacked Up,” Wilson got help in the studio from another country legend -- Merle Haggard, who sings on a track called “Politically Uncorrect.”

Gretchen Wilson: Charlie Fan

The Bulletin Onlin: "She penned the title track, already a top 5 radio hit, with John Rich and Music Row songscribe Vicky McGehee. Meantime, Kid Rock and Hank Williams, Jr. -- both of whom made cameo appearances in 2004’s “Redneck Woman” video -- joins such luminaries as Charlie Daniels and Larry the Cable Guy in the new “All Jacked Up” video clip, showing locally on country cable channel GAC.
Wilson says the new song is “a cross between ZZ Top and the Charlie Daniels Band. It starts with the licks of ‘The Devil Went Down to Georgia’ and ends with ‘The South's Gonna Do It Again.’ And then there’s some other stuff in the middle. It’s book-ended with Charlie licks...I’ve gotten to know him. We both live in Wilson County [TN]. The first day I met him he gave me a hug and said, ‘Welcome to Wilson County.’ He said, ‘I know everyone out there, I know all the good ones and all the bad ones. If you have any questions, call me…’”
“I don’t know how the fans will react to it. I hope they love it. I love it enough to make it the title track and make it the first single and video. I think it’s funny, and I think it is going to bring people exactly back to that. They’re going to think Charlie Daniels…and ZZ Top. They’re going to think good ol’ rockin’ American country music hopefully, and dig it. "

Friday, November 04, 2005

Bam! Charlie Daniels on Emeril Live Saturday. Show kicked up a notch : RockOnTV : Schedule

Charlie Daniels makes an appearance as the musical guest on the Emeril Live show on the Food Network Saturday, November 5th. The Episode is called Gotta Have Garlic.

About: Emeril Live: (EM0211) Gotta Have Garlic
Tonight Emeril celebrates his love for garlic, garlic, and MORE garlic! In the kitchen he shares his favorite garlic based recipes: Romaine Salad with Creamy Garlic Dressing, Charlotte's Pan Roasted Garlic Soup, Grilled Swordfish with Potato Skoralia, Grilled Pork Chops and Garlic Jam. Musical guest Charlie Daniels. (11/05/2005)

November 05, 2005 8:00 PM ET/PT
November 06, 2005 12:00 AM ET/PT
November 09, 2005 8:00 PM ET/PT
November 10, 2005 12:00 AM ET/PT

Get the recipies here.

Monday, October 31, 2005

The Rocky Top Podcast and a Free Charlie Daniels mp3

The Rocky Top Podcast:

"Sun, 30 October 2005
Rocky Top Podcast 1. This week's guest is Mike
Ragsdale, the Mayor of Knox County and Charlie Daniels gives away his new single
to download free for 2 days!!!"

That's right, folks, you should be listening to Wichita Rutherford anyway, because he's precious and you'll just want to reach over there and pat his little head, but take a listen to his podcast. If you're not familiar with his show now's a good time to start. He's hosting a free download of a Charlie Daniels song you can play around the fireplace at Christmas this year, but only for two days. You'll have to bookmark his site now, and check back Thursday or Friday of this week, the 3rd and 4th of November. That's the only time it will be available.

To hear a clip of the song, you can go to iTunes, or do what you shoulda been doing all this time anyway, and listen to the Wichita Rutherford podcast.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Charlie Daniels & Friends celebrate Christmas For Kids Charlie Daniels & Friends celebrate Christmas For Kids

Charlie Daniels along with friends Lonestar, Phil Vassar, Trace Adkins, Rodney Atkins, and Amber Digby will offer their time and talents to perform at the 9th Annual Christmas For Kids Benefit Concert Monday, November 21st at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, TN beginning at 7:00 PM. The charity event raises money for the Christmas For Kids organization. Golden circle tickets to the event are available now by visiting, and general admission tickets will be available at beginning Monday, October 31st. Ticket prices range from $25.50 for general admission to $50 for golden circle seating.

“We are thrilled to have Charlie Daniels headlining our concert again this year, and we feel blessed to have all the other amazing artists supporting the children and our organization,” says spokeswoman Debbie Lamberson.

The Christmas For Kids Organization has been in existence for over twenty years providing special children the opportunity to celebrate the holiday season. Each year, the organization brings the spirit of Christmas to hundreds of children throughout Middle Tennessee allowing them to participate in festive activities organized specifically for them. Events such as the Tour Bus Tour raise money and allow folks to visit the home-away-from-homes of more than fifty stars and celebrities. The Tour Bus Tour will be held on Monday, December 12th at the Hendersonville Wal*Mart from 5:00 – 9:00PM.

The money raised at both events, the concert and Tour Bus Tour, is used to escort children from 30 different schools for a day-long excursion, and this year Christmas For Kids is proud to announce they will also assist Hurricane Katrina evacuees that have relocated to our schools. The day, set for Tuesday, December 13th, consists of a chauffeured trip from their school aboard a country music star’s luxury tour bus to a local Wal-Mart where they are accompanied by a volunteer to participate in their own Christmas shopping spree. On the return trip home, the children will participate in a Christmas carol sing-along. As an added bonus, Christmas For Kids has also purchased custom Titan starter jackets for each and every child.

All proceeds from the Tour Bus Show and the Charlie Daniels Band & Friends Benefit Concert (sponsored in part by 95.5 The Wolf, Sumner Regional Health Systems, Bob Parks Realty, and Wal*Mart)—November 21st--will be donated toward the children’s Christmas Shopping.

Listing Details:
Charlie Daniels Band and Friends Charity Concert
For the benefit of Christmas for Kids
Monday, November 21 / 7:00PM / Ryman Auditorium / Nashville, TN
General admission tickets are available beginning Oct. 31st by visiting Ticket Master, or by calling (615) 255-9600. Golden circle VIP tickets ($50 tickets) are still available by calling Carla Payne at (615) 452-1533 or by visiting

* * * * *
Daniels has sold over 18 million albums in his career, worked on albums with Bob Dylan, Ringo Starr, Marty Robbins, and The Youngbloods before forming the Charlie Daniels Band in 1970. Daniels' annual contribution to the Christmas For Kids Organization has served as a model for many of today's artists as an example of the importance of giving back to the community.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Where are you from?

Frappr!: Check this link out and add your zip code and see where other fans of the CDB live. I expect one in Vienna, Austria, soon (that means you, George)!

This is a tweak of the google maps...

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

More info about the BMI Icon award Charlie Daniels recieved

Top 40 charts webite: The evening culminated in the Icon tribute to Charlie Daniels, which featured a musical salute by country artists Travis Tritt and Montgomery Gentry. With a career that spans nearly four decades, Daniels has connected with millions of fans around the world with his mix of rock, country, bluegrass, blues and gospel. Songs like "Uneasy Rider," "In America," "Long Haired Country Boy," "The South's Gonna Do It Again," "Wichita Jail," and the Southern rock classic "The Devil Went Down to Georgia," are a part of the American musical landscape. His legendary Charlie Daniels Band, twice named the ACM's Touring Band of the Year, logged more than a million miles on the road, traveling in a convoy of buses and gleaming black tractor-trailer rigs that stopped traffic from coast to coast.

Among Daniels' numerous accolades are multiple BMI Pop and Country Awards, a Grammy, three CMA's, a Dove Award, the ACM Pioneer Award, and several Gold and Platinum albums totaling more than 18 million in sales. His signature song, "The Devil Went Down to Georgia," simultaneously topped the country and pop charts and has amassed more than three million broadcast performances since its release in 1979. In addition to his own successful career, Daniels contributed to recording sessions for a diverse array of artists including Bob Dylan, Al Kooper, Flatt & Scruggs, Ringo Starr and Marty Robbins.

Charlie talks about the band, new DVD and turning 69.

: "'We write our own material and it's a challenge to write new songs,' he explained. 'It's a challenge to stay on top of things, to stay current ... to stay where you're able to play to a high quality.
'But we're getting out and traveling and getting the job done. We're staying interested in it. And I love it - I just love it. I dearly love it.'
Daniels loves it so much that he and the band traveled to Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Iraq and Germany in April. They traveled more than 16,000 miles and performed up to three shows per day for American troops deployed in the war on terrorism.
'We would do a concert, and they would put tables in front of the stage and we would sign autographs for however many people were there (after the concert),' Daniels said. 'It was an eye-opening, wonderful experience. It's just, I mean, hard to articulate. I've never been in an active war zone before. I was constantly aware of that.
'I was constantly aware of 19- to 23-year-old, fresh-faced kids that had chosen to go into military service to serve their country. That was pretty doggone impressive to think about and understand. Nobody forces them to do it - they do it because they want to. I feel so close to these kids. When you leave, they want to talk with you. They're the greatest bunch of kids in the world. They're the finest America has to offer.'
Back state-side now, Daniels can't think of group he'd rather work with than The Charlie Daniels Band.

"I'm just so hung up with the band," he said. "I'd rather get onstage with them than any other people, than any other band. There's nobody else I'd rather play with. Actually, to get onstage with these guys is an honor and a privilege to me."

Daniels was honored Tuesday as a "BMI Icon" at the performing rights organization's 53rd annual Country Awards. On Nov. 8, Blue Hat/Koch Records will release a Charlie Daniels DVD, which will be the first-ever live concert DVD by The Charlie Daniels Band.

Thursday, Daniels said, will be a good time for those who go to see the concert. "We're a highly professional, entertaining band. We're very much into what we do. We enjoy what we do. I'm firmly convinced we're going to entertain you."

And if you think about it, at the end of the show, wish him an early happy birthday. Daniels will be 69 Friday.

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store Releases Exclusive Charlie Daniels Band CD of Patriotic Songs

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store(R) Releases Exclusive Charlie Daniels Band CD of Patriotic Songs: "1,000 CDs being donated to American troops stationed overseas

LEBANON, Tenn., Oct. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Cracker Barrel has added another exclusive CD to its growing collection of specialty music. Beginning today, fans of the legendary Charlie
Daniels Band can purchase and enjoy Country Stars N' Stripes, a collection of the band's patriotic favorites and other well-known songs including 'In America' and 'The Devil Went Down to Georgia.' Retailing for $11.99, the exclusive CD is being sold in all 537 Cracker Barrel locations and online at"

The CD includes the following songs:

Star Spangled Banner
In America
This Ain’t No Rag, It’s A Flag
The Intimidator
God Bless The Mother
My Beautiful America
How Great Thou Art
Little Folks
Last Fallen Hero
America, I Believe In You
The South’s Gonna Do It (Again)
The Devil Went Down To Georgia

The CD is a compilation of tunes released on a few previous albums like Fiddle Fire. You still gotta have it, though! Get it here.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Charlie Daniels honored at BMI ceremonies

Charlie Daniels honored at BMI ceremonies: "Charlie Daniels honored at BMI ceremonies


NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Charlie Daniels, best know for his fiery fiddle tune, 'The Devil Went Down to Georgia,' won the BMI Icon award Tuesday for his contributions to country music.

BMI's 2005 Country Awards were held at its offices on Music Row and featured performances by Travis Tritt and Montgomery Gentry in tribute to Daniels.

In a career dating to the 1970s, Daniels has had several gold and platinum records that have sold more than 18 million copies. His songs include 'Uneasy Rider,' 'Long Haired Country Boy' and 'The South's Gonna Do It Again.'"

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Charlie Daniels Set to Perform At American Freedom Festival In New York City On Veterans Day

Charlie Daniels Set to Perform At American Freedom Festival In New York City On Veterans Day:
Nashville, TN. - Charlie Daniels, music icon, will be joining country music artists Darryl Worley, Mark Wills, and Keni Thomas along with WWE Raw Superstar John Cena, WWE Smackdown Superstar JBL, classical artist Michael Amante, JAG TV star Karri Turner, and radio talk show host Al Franken in a concert event organized by the American Freedom Foundation on Friday, November 11th, in the Historic Roseland Ballroom in New York City. The concert begins at 8 pm (EST).

Charlie's partnership with Prilosec OTC for the 'Burning to Sing Your Heart Out' contest, will award a lucky songwriter the chance to perform with him at the American Freedom Festival. Songwriters were asked to write a song about how they overcame their most 'heartburning' experience. 'The concert will be an incredible evening of performances in honor of our country's servicemen and women at this historical New York City venue. It just doesn't get any better than that,' said Daniels.

Daniels will be visible on the television screen all week kicking off with a performance on Emeril Live on November 5th in a special episode of 'Gotta Have Garlic,' the rounds will continue with a special stop at the Fox News Channel studios to appear on Fox & Friends on November 10th and later that evening will visit on-set with MSNBC's Rita Cosby. Charlie will make one-last stop at Fox to appear on Dayside with Mike Jerrick and Juliet Huddy on Friday, November 11th.

The American Freedom Festival is a sanctioned event of the Country Music Association's marketing and promotional campaign, 'Country Takes New York City,' surrounding the CMA Awards show on November 15th on CBS.
The American Freedom Festival will raise money and awareness for the veterans of America's armed forces and their families whose lives have been affected by Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Charlie and Al Franken together on stage? That might make it worth the trip to Nueva Yorka! Al might spontaneously combust when confronted with truth. Original source here.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Who Will Burn Up The Stage With Charlie Daniels?

Who Will Burn Up The Stage With Charlie Daniels?: "Cast Your Vote for the Winner of the 'Burning to Sing Your Heart Out' Contest and You Too Could be a Winner CINCINNATI, Oct. 17 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- With the help of the American public, Prilosec OTC is giving one aspiring Country Music star the chance to sing on stage with the legendary Charlie Daniels at New York City's famed Roseland Ballroom. Earlier this fall, to help celebrate the Country Music Association (CMA) Awards coming to New York City for the first time, Prilosec OTC and the CMA kicked off the 'Burning to Sing Your Heart Out' contest, which invited Country Music fans to write 'heartburning' lyrics for the opportunity to live like a Country Music star for a weekend. Fans from all over the country responded and now it is up to the American public to decide whose heart burns most to sing with Charlie Daniels. A panel of judges including Country Music stars Charlie Daniels and Phil Vassar along with Allison Jones, Vice President A&R Universal Music Group, and others narrowed down the contestants to three finalists. From 12:01 a.m. (ET) on October 17 through 11:59 p.m. (ET) on October 21, 2005 consumers can cast their vote for their favorite performer by logging onto The three finalists are, Dallas Burnett of Spartanburg, SC, who wrote wrote and performed "Love Found Me," Melissa Bell Eberts of Fenton, MO, who wrote and performed "Little Bit of Country," and Tina Gordon of Daytona Beach, FL, who wrote and performed "Burning A Hole in My Heart. Each voter will automatically be entered into a sweepstakes for the chance to win an expense paid trip to the 2006 CMA Awards in Nashville, TN or a First Act acoustic guitar signed by Charlie Daniels and Phil Vassar."

The press release continues with a quote from CD, and instructions about how to enter the contest to win a trip to see the show. The only bummer: You have to go to New York City.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Daniels still full of the devil

Northwest Indiana News: "Daniels still full of the devil:
Country rock cowboy to get down in Mokena tonight

Times Correspondent

This story ran on on Friday, October 14, 2005 12:48 AM CDT

Two weeks from today, Charlie Daniels will turn 69 years old, but the country rock cowboy's enthusiasm for living and the energy level at which he still operates belies that fact.

With the exception of 1984 and 1986, Daniels has released at least one new album each year since his self-named debut LP hit retail racks back in 1971.

His latest being 'Songs From The Longleaf Pines.' a collection of Southern gospel bluegrass songs performed with special guests like Earl Scruggs, Ricky Skaggs and The Whites.

'I'm not sure what happened those years,' Daniels laughed in retrospect of the holes in his mid-'80s catalog. 'I guess I must've been on the road more those years.'

The road has been and remains a highlight of the big man's life.

'We do about 150 dates a year,' he says of his self-named, long-running Charlie Daniels Band. One of those dates for 2005 happens tonight at The Pearl Room in Mokena.

Next month, the CDB will issue their first live concert DVD. Aptly titled 'LIVE!' the show was shot on the Fourth of of July this summer on the Riverfront in Nashville before an audience of 100,000-plus."

This is a great article about Charlie - well written and full of information. Check out the full article!

Charlie Daniels to sing national anthem and concert at Sam’s Town 250 MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Blue Hat recording artist and music legend Charlie Daniels will sing the National Anthem during pre-race ceremonies Oct. 22 at the NASCAR Busch Series Sam’s Town 250. And a few hours later when the smoke clears from victory lane and the fireworks, he will pick up his fiddle with The Charlie Daniels Band and headline a post-race concert at Memphis Motorsports Park.

“Charlie Daniels, like NASCAR, is an American original. And like NASCAR, Charlie Daniels’ music brings people together. We are honored to be part of his seemingly endless coast-to-coast tour of this great country,” said Jason Rittenberry, Memphis Motorsports Park Vice President and General Manager.

“It’s purely American music with something for everyone,” Daniels said. “At least that’s what I've hoped for in my 40-plus years in music.”

The Devil Wins: High School Pulls The Devil Went Down to Georgia from Band's Half Time Show

Potomac News Online | Daniels: Song doesn't deal with Satan: A Georgia high school has pulled the Devil Went Down to Georgia from their halftime show because one man wrote a letter to the editor complaining that the song was about Satan.

Like a scene from Three's Company, the jist of the letter was that there would be no tolerance for a song about God in a public school, so there should be none for a song about Satan. The band leader, Mr. Furley, saw the letter, and pulled the song from the band's playlist. Rumor is that the band will be performing songs now with no spiritual overtones, such as "Oops I did it again," by Britany Spears and anything from the soulless Ashlee Simpson.

Daniels said he believes in hymns at school.

"If I had my way people would still be praying in school and we could sing 'Amazing Grace' or anything we wanted to," the forthcoming and congenial Daniels said.

"I think it's wrong not to be able to do that and I think it's a misinterpretation of the Constitution to take that away from children," he said.

He said he was proud the band played his song and said his heart went with the band because they couldn't play a song they'd worked to learn.

"If they took the time and the hours and everything to rehearse the song then I think it's a shame they have to pull it because of one letter," Daniels said.

Daniels stopped short of calling Brown's action censorship and was philosophical about the reaction to the song being scratched.

"I think it's a little overreacting myself," Daniels said.

"If I listened to criticisms of me and my music and my career and my songs, I'd still be down in North Carolina cropping tobacco," Daniels said.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

CDB and MTB - Southern Rock At The Ritz

Classic Southern Rock At The Ritz: "ELIZABETH — The Legendary Charlie Daniels Band, best known for their fiddle- duel, “The Devil Went Down to Georgia,” will take the stage at the historic Ritz Theatre in Elizabeth, along with the Marshall Tucker Band whose hits include “Fire On The Mountain,” “Can’t You See,” and “Take The Highway.” The show is scheduled for Nov. 19 at 8 p.m.

Tickets are available for $35 - $45 by calling the Ritz Theatre Box Office at (908) 352 -1919 or online through or by calling Ticketmaster at 201-507-8900.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

America Supports You: Charlie Daniels Wows Troops in Tribute

DefenseLINK News: Charlie Daniels, a rock-solid supporter of the U.S. military who's been entertaining troops around the world for some 35 years, dazzled a foot-stomping, hand-clapping crowd in a jam-packed ballroom at a reception hosted by U.S. Army Europe.

"'He went to the most difficult and dangerous places' in the U.S. Central Command area of operations and entertained deployed military members without accepting a penny for his services, Bell said of Daniels and his band during an interview with the American Forces Press Service.
'He gives of himself selflessly,' Bell said. 'He's got all the qualities of a great soldier.' "

"You should consider Charlie one of us," Army Brig. Gen. Russell Frutiger, USAREUR's deputy chief of staff for personnel, told the group.

Frutiger called Daniels "a relentless morale booster" who not only goes into harm's way to serenade the troops, but also launched "Operation Heartstrings" in partnership with Stars for Stripes to put musical instruments, recorded music, and DVD and CD players into the hands of deployed troops.

During the concert, retired Army Gen. Gordon Sullivan, former Army chief of staff and now president of AUSA, presented Daniels an award honoring his years of service to the military. "Thank you for what you have given to the soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines ... and the American people," Sullivan said.

While signing autographs, Daniels told the American Forces Press Service he remembers the day Pearl Harbor was bombed in 1941 and has had a love affair with the military ever since.

"Everyone in uniform is a hero to me," he said. "I've felt that way since I was 5 years old, and nothing has ever changed."

In closing his concert, Daniels expressed his ongoing support and hinted that the Charlie Daniels Band will continue to visit troops when they're deployed.

"Thank you for what you're doing around the world," he said. "And wherever you happen to be, don't be surprised if we show up."

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Charlie Daniels plays in Bangor for veterans 'The Devil Went Down to Georgia' fiddler always on the road.

By Tom Coombe Of The Morning Call

Country-rocker Charlie Daniels didn't even need to go on stage to get the crowd in Bangor cheering for him.

All it took was a question from members of opening act CrazyHeart — ''Y'all ready to see Charlie Daniels?'' — for the roughly 1,000 people at Bangor Memorial Park Sunday night to whoop and applaud.

Then there was the other question, which got as much applause and cut straight to the reason why many in the audience had come to the stadium: ''How many of you are here to support the veterans?''

The question came from emcee Storme Warren, the host of a cable TV country music show, who said he had roamed the audience before the show, talking to fans.

''Everyone feels this night is long overdue for our troops,'' Warren said.

Sunday night's concert bore the title ''A Salute to America's Newest Veterans,'' a mix of military grandeur and country music, capped by a performance by Daniels, a fiddler famous for his 1979 hit ''The Devil Went Down to Georgia.''

Daniels, 69, has toured constantly since then — his schedule lists 20 more dates this year — and has become an outspoken supporter of America's military men and women. His Web site includes a series of commentaries that end with the message ''Pray For Our Troops.''

Dozens of those troops were in the audience, some of them waiting in the VIP line to meet Daniels, others sitting in the stands. Rick Baughman, a Gulf War veteran from Saylorsburg who recently retired from the Marines as a gunnery sergeant, had waited since 3:30 p.m. — 90 minutes before the gates opened — to get in.

Baughman compared Daniels to comedian Bob Hope, who performed for troops in 47 USO tours over nearly 50 years. In recent years, Daniels has performed for troops stationed in the Middle East and Central Asia.

''What he's doing is a huge morale boost,'' Baughman said. His wife Marilyn said she had come to support the veterans — proceeds from the show went to the Slate Belt Veterans Association, a local advocacy group — but also because she loves Daniels' work.

''He's a legend,'' she said. ''No matter how old the music gets, he still sounds new to me.''

The concert drew a mix of people: polo-shirt wearing dads, men in 10-gallon hats, punk rock teenagers. People in the neighborhood held little cookouts, listening to the music from the comfort of their backyards under a cloudless sky. Bangor Mayor Joe Capozzolo, president of the Veterans Association, said the group is already planning for next year, and tossing around names of possible performers.

''I'm a ZZ Top fan myself,'' he said.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

What do Bill Elliott, Charlie Brown, Charlie Daniels, Lisa Marie Presley and Martin Truex Jr. have in common? What do Bill Elliott, Charlie Brown, Charlie Daniels, Lisa Marie Presley and Martin Truex Jr. have in common?

Only one thing - NASCAR in Memphis.

[This is from a press release. I would have said "they all sound like men" which is funny if you've heard the princess sing. -Ed.]

NASCAR champion Bill Elliott will be here in a rare Busch race appearance, this time with Charlie Brown on the hood of his # 6 car.

Martin Truex Jr. will be back to defend his Memphis title in the # 8, and a strong finish could also clinch his defense of his Busch Series championship. Of course, Carl Edwards, Clint Bowyer, Reed Sorenson, Kerry Earnhardt and a host of other top-flight challengers may have something to say about that.

Memphis's own Lisa Marie Presley has been bitten by the NASCAR bug and is coming home as race Grand Marshal to help them "start those engines."

And last but not least, just in case all of that and 250 laps isn't enough, The Charlie Daniels Band headlines the big post-race party and concert as soon as the smoke clears from victory lane and the fireworks.

"With a lineup like that, we're fast approaching a sell-out," said Jason Rittenberry, Memphis Motorsports Park Vice President and General Manager.

The race week schedule also includes Fanfest and a driver autograph session on Thursday night at Sam's Town Tunica, two practice sessions at the track on Friday afternoon, and qualifying on Saturday morning at 10:35 a.m. The race will take the green flag following the "command" by Lisa Marie Presley at 2:30 p.m.

Race-day tickets are $15-$52. For more information or to order tickets, call toll-free 1-866-40-SPEED or visit

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Charlie talks about a new trip to Iraq in 4-06, and about his Biography

The best that's ever been: "There's an element of sameness between writing music and writing fiction. Except with fiction, you have more time to get your thought out and you don't have to rhyme."

"I got a high school diploma - thank God. I was lucky to get that. I've never taken any writing classes. I just sit down and start writing, and try to make it as interesting and informative as I can... I tend to enjoy it. Though, if it comes to my druthers, I'd rather write music."

On his biography:
"I've been working on my bio for several years now. But it's slow-sloggin'... After all, I'm still livin' this thing... I think it's important to be concise... No one cares what I had for dinner July 14."

On trips to visit the military:

"We started out a long time ago, entertaining the troops. I’ve been to Korea three times. We’ve been to Cuba. To Kosovo. Wherever the troops are, that’s where we go. I’m a very huge supporter of the military... I hope to go over next April if we can. They’re the greatest bunch of kids I’ve ever been around."

Friday, September 09, 2005

Charlie Daniels named BMI Icon

Charlie Daniels named BMI Icon: By Phyllis Stark Sep 8, 2005, 21:11 GMT

NASHVILLE - Grammy-winning artist Charlie Daniels will be honored as the recipient of a BMI Icon award at the performing rights organization`s 53rd annual Country Awards, set for Oct. 18 in Nashville. Daniels is being saluted for what BMI calls his 'enduring influence on generations of music makers.'
Among the BMI Award-winning songs in Daniels` catalog are 'The South`s Gonna Do It Again,' 'Wichita Jail,' 'Mississippi,' 'Drinkin` My Baby Goodbye,' 'In America' and 'The Devil Went Down to Georgia.' The latter two songs earned Daniels BMI awards in both the country and pop fields.
Previous BMI Icon winners include Loretta Lynn, Bill Anderson, Dolly Parton, Brian Wilson, Carlos Santana, Paul Simon, James Brown, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Bo Diddley, Isaac Hayes, Al Green and Van Morrison. "

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Officials ponder delaying Mississippi State Fair

Officials ponder delaying Mississippi State Fair - The Clarion-Ledger: "Officials with the Mississippi State Fair are discussing whether to go forward with this year's event, scheduled to open Oct. 5 with a performance by the Charlie Daniels Band.

The fair is scheduled to run at the Fairgrounds, Coliseum, Trade Mart and Livestock Expo Center through Oct. 16.

But because of Hurricane Katrina, the Coliseum has become a shelter for evacuees, and the Trade Mart has been used as a staging area for relief efforts."

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Charlie Daniels fiddles up a storm for fairgoers

Charlie Daniels fiddles up a storm for fairgoers:
Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Charlie Daniels loomed over the state fair's Chevrolet Court with a huge country rock presence Monday afternoon.

Big white beard. Big tan cowboy hat. Big brassy belt buckle.

And as always, the 68-year-old bigger-than-life fiddler, guitarist and singer was a huge hit with the overflow crowd on the last day of this year's fair.

Five other things

  • Equal time: Daniels still soars on both of his chosen instruments. He made fans happy with his guitar work on 'El Toreador' and 'Long-Haired Country Boy' and had them screaming for his fiddle play on 'Orange Blossom Special' and 'The Devil Went Down to Georgia.'
  • New stuff: Now 32 years after his first hit, 'Uneasy Rider,' Daniels is still making new albums. One will come out next year, he announced. There's no title yet, but the song 'Florita Road' sizzled with Daniels' Latin guitar feel and let the band jam, too.
  • Daniels' view: The Charlie Daniels Band played six shows recently in Iraq, the band's leader announced. He came away with this impression: 'You're not going to see it in the newspaper or see it on the news, but I'll tell you, we're winning the war in Iraq.'
  • View part two: The worst sinners in the world are child molesters, Daniels said, and the only terrorist he wants to see 'is a dead terrorist.'
Trains and cars:
  • Daniels covered the world of trains with 'Orange Blossom Special.' He got into NASCAR with 'Gentlemen, Start Your Engines,' featuring lyrics about 'No. 3' and 'The Intimidator,' the late Dale Earnhardt.

- Staff writer Mark Bialczak

Lancaster Fair Called A Success - Thanks to Charlie

Lancaster Fair Called A Success: "'We had dandy rides and great acts, especially Charlie Daniels,' he said.


Throughout the weekend, the appearance of the Charlie Daniels Band was the talk of the fair, even two days after his show. Both his shows on Saturday were packed, as were the ever-popular demolition derbies on Monday, which are traditionally the last scheduled events of the fair."

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Speedway fan to meet music legend

Northern Kentucky: "Kentucky Speedway fans can enter a drawing to be named the honorary starter of the Charlie Daniels Band Fall Classic Sept. 10. During pre-race ceremonies the winner will greet music star Charlie Daniels.

Fans can download an entry form at, or mail a printed postcard with name, address, phone number, and e-mail address to: Fall Classic Honorary Starter, Kentucky Speedway, 2216 Dixie Hwy., Suite 200, Fort Mitchell, Ky., 41017. Entries must be received by Tuesday.

Daniels and his band will take the stage at 6 p.m. and he will sing the national anthem and serve as the race's grand marshal at 7:30 p.m."

Friday, September 02, 2005

Columbia County Fair off and running, Charlie Daniels on tap

Columbia County Fair off and running, Charlie Daniels on tap Columbia Coutny, MA: "Super-Star Sunday is Charlie Daniels Day this year, playing his own brand of R&B, country, rock and bluegrass. The multi-Grammy Award-winner brings his high octane performance for two great Main Stage shows, at and 3 and 8:30 p.m. Fair-goers should plan on arriving early. Free shuttle buses will provide transport from off-grounds parking when the on-grounds parking is full. "

Every fiddle contest has a little bit of Charlie in it

TO DO WITH A FRIEND: "I had my musical life-changing experience at Memphis' Beale Street Music Festival in May 2004. It was that day I saw the fiddle-playing master himself, Charlie Daniels. Boy, if the devil was down in Georgia, God was definitely in Tennessee that day.

I always liked the violin, but the fiddle was a new breed to me. With Daniels' fingers moving faster than any guitarists' I'd ever seen, the melodies moved quickly and the dancers even quicker.

On Labor Day, you have the chance to hear the next generation's fiddle masters -- and you don't have to drive seven hours to do it.

A fiddle contest is taking place that day, with prizes to be awarded to the top fiddlers. The youth contest starts at 11 a.m. and you'd better believe these kids can play. In the afternoon, the competition heats up with lifelong fiddlers going against each other, playing three pieces -- including a slow piece, a fast piece and a piece of their choice."

Charlie to set foot in Plymouth : "'I used to say, 'I'm not an outlaw; I'm an outcast,'' says the Grammy Award winning star. 'When it gets right down to the nitty gritty, I've just tried to be who I am. I've never followed trends or fads. I couldn't even if I tried. I can't be them; I can't be anybody but me.'
Charlie Daniels will definitely be himself when he makes his Plymouth Memorial Hall debut on Friday, Sept. 2 at 7:30 p.m. For decades, he has steadfastly refused to label his music as anything other than 'CDB music,' music that is now sung around the fire at 4-H Club and scout camps, helped elect an American President, and been popularized on a variety of radio formats.
When you hear a classic Charlie Daniels Band performance like 'The Devil Went Down to Georgia,' you hear music that knows no clear genre. Is it a folk tale? A southern boogie? A country fiddle tune? An electric rock anthem? The answer is 'yes' to all of that and more. And the same goes for 'In America,' 'Uneasy Rider,' 'The South's Gonna Do It,' 'Long Haired Country Boy,' 'Still in Saigon,' 'The Legend of Wooley Swamp,' and the rest of a catalog that spans more than 35 years of record making and represents more than 18 million in sales."

Charlie Daniels Honored n The Outdoor Channel

Charlie Daniels Honored n The Outdoor Channel: "NASHVILLE, TN. (Webster PR) - Charlie Daniels, Blue Hat recording artist and music legend, will he featured on 'Circle of Honor' airing on The Outdoor Channel during the week of September 5th. The airtimes are Tuesday, September 6th @1:00pm and Saturday, September 10th @ 10:00pm EST.

Circle of Honor is a half-hour television show that is narrated by Tom Wopat. The show celebrates great men and women who have made a significant impact in the world of outdoors.

Charlie Daniels 'Circle of Honor' show includes interviews with Charlie, Jr. from the Charlie Daniels Museum in downtown Nashville, and Thurman Mullins, Twin Pines Ranch Foreman. Also included is a photo biography tribute of Daniels journey throughout his career.

Charlie's latest Blue Hat/Koch Records album, Songs From The Longleaf Pines; A Gospel Bluegrass Collection has received rave reviews across America. Charlie most recently appeared on ESPN's Cold Pizza, Fox News Channel's Fox Magazine, The Late Late Show w/ Craig Ferguson, GAC's Fabulous Fourth of July Celebration, taped Emeril Live! for a November airing, and is scheduled for the CBS Early Show on November 19th. To date, Charlie has sold more than 20 million albums worldwide."

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Rain won't dampen fair's debut

Hillsdale, NY, USA: "Superstar Sunday is Charlie Daniels Day this year. The multi-Grammy Award-winner brings his high octane performance playing his own brand of R&B, country, rock and bluegrass for two Main Stage shows, at and 3 and 8:30 p.m. Daniels fans should plan on arriving early. Free shuttle buses will provide transport from off-grounds parking when the on-grounds parking is full."

Sunday, August 28, 2005 - Parton, Gill and Daniels coming to Norton Center - Parton, Gill and Daniels coming to Norton Center: Parton, Gill and Daniels coming to Norton Center

The legendary Dolly Parton will headline a new series of concerts at the Norton Center for the Arts at Centre College.

The Norton Center partners with First Southern National Bank to present 'Southern Nights,' the major new series that will bring leading country and popular music stars to Centre College. The Charlie Daniels Band and Vince Gill also are scheduled to perform this fall.

Parton inaugurates the new series Sept. 17 with the only Kentucky performance on her 'Vintage Tour,' arranged to introduce her new 'Those Were the Days' album, which is due for release in October.
The series continues with The Charlie Daniels Band on Oct. 27. Daniels' 1979 hit, 'The Devil Went Down to Georgia,' is is one of the most recognizable songs of the century and topped both the country and pop charts, and won a Grammy Award. The band's unique style touches on everything from country to rock and jazz, folk to western swing, and honky-tonk to gospel.

Daniels also has been known for his philanthropy. A $100,000 gift this month to the Galilean Home in Casey County captured local headlines.

Daniels' special guests for the Newlin Hall concerts will be The Winter Brothers Band.



You might not have to go far if you want to meet country music legend Charlie Daniels. Just enter the drawing at Kentucky Speedway and cross your fingers.

One lucky fan will be named honorary starter of the Charlie Daniels Band Fall Classic on Sept. 10.

The winner of the drawing will get to rub elbows with Daniels (the race's grand marshal) and NASCAR-AutoZone Elite Division drivers during pre-race ceremonies, then wave the green flag for the Bluegrass 150 race at 8 p.m.

To enter the contest, download an entry form from or send a printed postcard with your name, address, phone number and e-mail address to: Fall Classic Honorary Starter, Kentucky Speedway, 2216 Dixie Highway, Suite 200, Fort Mitchell, Ky., 41017

Friday, August 19, 2005

Tailgate Party and Fiddle Fire to be reissued!

Nashville City Paper: "A pair of late '90s Charlie Daniels releases have just been reissued, both of them reaffirming his flamboyance as a fiddler and also highlighting the wide stylistic range of his band. Fiddle Fire and Tailgate Party (both Blue Hat/Koch) include Daniels and company stretching out on Southern boogie romps, doing blues and bluegrass bits, covering Blind Willie McTell, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Eric Clapton tunes, dabbling into Cajun and rock pieces, and even features in the title track on Fiddle Fire an arrangement not far removed from what was once called jazz-rock. Though he's a capable and congenial vocalist, the rapid-fire runs, twists, licks and riffs that Daniels weaves through his solos serve as the primary foundation for the CDB, with guitarist Bruce Brown, keyboardist Taz Digregorio, bassist Charlie Hayward, second guitarist Chris Wormer and drummer Jack Gavin then pivoting off, complimenting or contrasting the fiery Daniels fiddle work with their own solos, exchanges and responses. The CDB remains a vibrant and surprising ensemble, and these are two among a long list of prime Daniels' items."

If you missed them the first time, now's your chance to get them! They both rock.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Charlie Daniels Band Fall Classic at the Kentucky Speedway

Race Schedule: You can pick up tickets for the "Charlie Daniels Band Fall Classic" at the Kentucky Speedway happening on September 10th. Tickets are about $35, and there is a concert by the CDB before the race!

Reduced prices for Dwight Yoakam and Charlie Daniels

Smoky Mountain News | Arts Events: " Reduced prices for Dwight Yoakam and Charlie Daniels

A limited number of reduced price tickets are now available for a benefit concert featuring Dwight Yoakam and the Charlie Daniels Band at 7:30 p.m. Friday, Aug. 19, at the Ramsey Regional Activity Center on the campus of Western Carolina University.

The concert promoter has just released some $29.50 seats in selected sections of the Ramsey Center arena, said Laura Huff, marketing coordinator for the Ramsey Center. Interested ticket buyers should ask about the “promoter’s special.”

In addition to the special $29.50 seats, regular admission is $39.50 or $49.50. For tickets or information, call 828.227.7722, toll-free 866.WCU.FEST, or visit"

Despite $100,000 from Charlie Daniels, Galilean Home needs financial help "Sandy Tucker founded the Galilean Home with her husband, Jerry. The home takes care of orphans and the disabled. Its Angel House takes care of babies born to incarcerated women, until their mothers get out of prison.

The Tuckers believe that natural disasters this summer have prompted people to donate to other causes, and that has lowered the level of donations.

Sandy is the main fundraiser in the organization, but has been in the hospital twice in March as she fights colon cancer. Since she has been ill she hasn't written her newsletter regularly, and said that may also have had an impact on donations.

'I don't often write a plea letter,' she said of her note in the August newsletter. 'But, if you don't let people know where you are standing ... we need to get out of debt.'

Soon after the newsletter was mailed, Charlie Daniels, a well-known country music singer and fiddler, sent a check for $100,000.

'It was a miracle,' Sandy said, adding that it would help them pay the electric bill that has been past due for four months and some other bills."

Charlie nearly gets a mohawk (with audio) - The Podcast Directory If you're familiar with podcasts and bluegrass, the name Wichita Rutherford might be familiar to you. He conducts interviews with big names in bluegrass and puts them on the internet.

Wichita is quite a character -- he looks like Junior Brown's younger, slightly retarded brother, but it's all in good fun. He's very funny, and at one point he says to Charlie, "You are so precious, I just want to reach over there and pat your hand."

He also asks Charlie if he ever goes into the museum in Nashville, puts on his nice duds, and stands there like a mannequin to surpise customers.

Charlie's inteview is number 21, from back in April. He also makes an appearance on the Chris Thile episode, listed as number one on the list.

They are about five minutes long each in mp3 format. From the site linked here they open in a popup window, and my browsers (IE and Firefox) used quicktime to play them. If you have iTunes, you can also find it there.


Monday, August 15, 2005

Charlie Daniels to Cold Pizza & MDA Telethon - Charlie Daniels to Cold Pizza & MDA Telethon: "Charlie Daniels to Cold Pizza & MDA Telethon

Music icon CHARLIE DANIELS continues to give America a strong look at a true American Patriot. With the recent release of the Blue Hat/Koch Records album, Songs From The Longleaf Pines; A Gospel Bluegrass Collection, Charlie Daniels is continuing to ride the media wave.

Charlie Daniels will head to New York City this coming Monday (Aug 15th) to make appearances on ESPN�s Cold Pizza national morning show. He continues with a taping of Emeril Live that will air in November, and that is not all�Charlie will perform two songs on the upcoming Labor Day weekend MDA Telethon (Sept 4/5). In November, look for Charlie to appear on the CBS Early Show (Nov 19th)."

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Equestrian team dances to Charlie Daniels. Trigger rejoices in heaven

Columbia, Maryland: "Before each show, the horses are outfitted in matching tack, and riders in costume. An announcer introduces each horse and rider, and then it's show time.
At the Howard County Fair, Saddle Gals and Guys will perform to country hits like The Charlie Daniels Band's 'This Ain't No Rag, It's a Flag,' and the English quad riders have choreographed an unusual routine involving top hats, coat tails and Frank Sinatra's 'New York, New York,' Mathes said."

Soundtrack drives 'Dukes of Hazzard" Road Saga

Soundtrack drives 'Dukes' road saga: "And of course, there's Charlie Daniels with 'The South's Gonna Do it Again,' the 1974 tribute that managed to name all the great Southern rockers from the Marshall Tucker Band to Wet Willie."

The rest of the soundtrack sounds pretty good, too, they say.

Charlie makes old feller's dream come true [Warning: Picture of woman, 85, in bathing suit]

From Somewhere in Kansas: An organization that grants wishes to old folks used Charlie to help out one of their customers.

"The biggest dream was a resident who got to meet Charlie Daniels in concert in Kansas City and sit on stage during the concert. The resident had owned the Hi Ho Club in Wichita and had let Daniels play in the club before Daniels became famous. During an autograph signing, the two met, Daniels remembered the man and invited him to sit on stage during the concert."

Some Astronaut is like Charlie, or something Lifestyles: Rapper Astronautalis set to take off 07/22/05: "Like Slug and Buck 65, Astronautalis -- Andy Bothwell during the day -- dribbles out syrupy, folky, hypnotic monologues over dreamily melodic beats that couldn't be further from commonly accepted notion of hip-hop if his name was Charlie Daniels."

Dang man. Go to Walmart and listen to the 10th track on Decade of Hits, called Every Time I See Him. The man can do everything.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Charlie Daniels, 'Devil' close down 4-H fair | Janesville, Wisconsin, USA

Charlie Daniels, 'Devil' close down 4-H fair | The Janesville Gazette | Janesville, Wisconsin, USA: "Charlie Daniels, 'Devil' close down 4-H fair

(Published Monday, August 1, 2005 10:56:58 AM CDT)

By James Davison
Gazette Staff

A tale of the devil and his duel with a fiddle-playing Georgian brought the 2005 Rock County 4-H Fair to a close Sunday night in front of a large crowd of happy music fans.

The Charlie Daniels Band played its well-known hit 'The Devil Went Down to Georgia' after an hour-and-a-half set of classic country music blended with southern rock.

'We've got one more song to play for you,' Daniels said in a deep raspy voice.

The crowd responded with a loud cheer, anticipating 'Devil.'

'You think you know what it is, don't you?' he added. 'Well, you're absolutely right.'

Before the show, several fans who had waited much of the day for a good spot eagerly anticipated Daniels and his band.

Mike Nielsen of Beloit said he has been a fan for as long as he can remember, and he was excited to see Daniels live for the first time.

'That southern rock and country-he's got it going on,' Nielsen said. 'He paved the way for this music.'

Nielsen added that Daniels' advancing age hasn't hurt his music.

'He's gotten quite a bit older, but this man does not slow down. He's like a tank," Nielsen said.

Don Parsons of Janesville said he saw Daniels play 25 years ago, and he was eager to see him again.

"I'm expecting pretty much the same amount of enthusiasm he showed way back then," Parsons said. "I know he's gotten older through the years, but I don't think there's gonna be that much difference. He's just a great entertainer."

Colleen O'Connell of Janesville brought her 6-year-old daughter, Maddisyn, to see the band.

"(Daniels' music) is not like the rest of country music-it's southern," O'Connell said.

During the show, Maddisyn held up a sign that said the Charlie Daniels Band was her mom's first concert, and now it was her first concert.

Daniels noticed Maddisyn's sign.

"I see we have a young lady here who's at her first concert," he said.

At the beginning of the concert, the country legend wore a cowboy hat and dark sunglasses above his bushy gray beard. The 68-year-old was full of energy, playing his fiddle passionately and swinging his bow.

Fans were treated to music that dabbled in a wide range of genres, including blues, gospel and bluegrass. Several of the songs also had strong rock tones.

Daniels played several fan favorites, including "Drinkin' My Baby Goodbye," "The Legend of Wooley Swamp" and "In America."

Each member of the band played responsively to Daniels' ferocious fiddle playing, which resulted in several ruined bows.

Throughout his career, Daniels has been praised by some and criticized by others for the political messages he includes in some of his music.

"I'm probably the most politically incorrect person you'll ever cross," he said during the show.

Before playing "Simple Man," which drew fire in the early '90s for its seeming encouragement of vigilantism, Daniels told the crowd, "I make no apologies for this song."

"Just take them rascals (criminals) out in the swamp / Put them on their knees and tie them to a stump / Let the rattlers and the bugs and the alligators do the rest," he sang.

Share your heartburn with Charlie onstage

Do You Have A Burning Desire To Be A Country Music Star?: "The Ultimate Country Music Grand Prize Package
The grand prize promises to be an ultimate experience for Country Music fans looking for their chance in the spotlight. The lyrics of the Grand Prize winning song will be musically arranged by award-winning singer/songwriter Phil Vassar. The winner will then perform the winning original song on November 11, 2005 at the American Freedom Festival in New York City at the famed Roseland Ballroom, with legendary Country Music artist Charlie Daniels. The American Freedom Festival is a benefit concert where proceeds help to provide educational opportunities and assistance in the general welfare of America's veterans and their families. The winner's name will appear on the billing with several other Country Music stars that are also performing that evening."

"We are thrilled to be working with Prilosec OTC and to help give someone the chance to live out their dream of performing on stage," said famed Country Music legend, Charlie Daniels. "The concert will be an incredible evening of performances in honor of our country's servicemen and women at this historical New York City venue. It just doesn't get any better than that."

The CMA and the heartburn medicine are creating a contest "which will award prizes to Americans who write and sing the best song about how they overcame their most "heartburning" experience." recommends a late night pizza after you get dumped. Turn that burn to fame.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Storm sidelines Charlie Daniels after two songs "Fair concert ends on sour note: Storm sidelines Charlie Daniels after two songs

By Jenny Maher, Delaware State News
HARRINGTON -- With dark gray storm clouds hovering overhead and a blustery wind whipping through the air, the Charlie Daniels Band tore into the opening chords of 'Drinking My Baby Goodbye' at the Delaware State Fair Wednesday night.
It was the first song in what was supposed to be an hour-long set, filled with such favorites as 'The Devil Went Down to Georgia' and 'The South's Gonna Do it Again.'
The chart-topping group took the stage around 8 p.m. as the opening act for southern rockers Lynyrd Skynyrd in a sold-out concert at the fair grandstand.
Before the band could finish its second song, however, the skies opened and unleashed a heavy downpour on the fairgrounds, saturating fans as they frantically ran for cover.
With lightning bolts piercing the sky and thunder roaring in the distance, the Charlie Daniels Band left the stage, never to return.
'The people here tell me that for your safety and ours, we need to get off the stage and you all need to take shelter,' Mr. Daniels told the crowd.
It was the last words they heard from him that night.
Around 9:30 p.m., after waiting more than an hour in the rain for the band's return, fans were told that Lynyrd Skynyrd would soon perform.
Those who had come solely to see the Charlie Daniels Band were angry and annoyed.
Concert-goer Scott Armstrong of Bridgeville said he was disappointed with the way fair officials handled the situation.
'They could've easily brought the band back on and let them finish,' the longtime Charlie Daniels fan said.
'Or they could've at least apologized after we waited in the rain for an hour and a half.'
Fair spokeswoman Tricia Southard said the band's management decided it would be best not to finish the set.

"Because of the storm and because it was a weekday and a lot of people had to go to work the next day, it was decided to just let Lynyrd Skynyrd go on and give the best show possible," she said.

"If the Charlie Daniels Band went back on, we would've had to have cleaned the stage for them and then when they finished we would've had to have cleaned it again for Lynyrd Skynyrd. People had waited long enough."

Mr. Armstrong said he left the show after learning that the Charlie Daniels Band would not return.

Like many disgruntled fans, he hoped for a refund, but Ms. Southard said that will not happen. Tickets for the show cost $30 or $27.

"All tickets are non-refundable," she said. "And upon purchase, that information is given to the customer.

"We've had a couple calls from people wondering if there will be any special consideration, but this was a Lynyrd Skynyrd show and Charlie Daniels was the opening band. We feel that we did provide a Lynyrd Skynyrd show."

Charlie Daniels fans will have another chance to see the band in Delaware when the group performs Nov. 4 at Punkin' Chunkin' in Millsboro.

Like the fair, it is an outdoor event.

Mr. Armstrong said he doesn't know if he could handle the disappointment of another rained-out concert.

"I don't need to waste my time to see something that could be cancelled," he said.

"I'd probably only see Charlie Daniels again if it's at an indoor place."

Charlie's Soapbox - French fry grease and Fonda

Charlie's Soapbox: "So get on your little vegetable bus and go protest Jane but don't look to have an easy time of it. America has a long memory when it comes to traitors who aided and abetted an enemy who was killing its sons and daughters and over 50,000 of them died in Vietnam. That's a lot of deeply hurt parents, brothers and sisters and children. A little piece of advice, I wouldn't plan on giving any speeches at VFW or American Legion clubs and I would definitely steer away from any Vietnam Veteran's conventions."

Little vegetable bus! Funny! Word is that Mel Gibson is chasing her in a nuclear powered pro-bus.

Friday, July 29, 2005

CDs of CDB shows on sale night of the show

CDB News: "Instant Live Recording"
Instant Live to record 8 CDB shows for sale that night at the venue!

Instant Live records concerts, duplicates the masters at high speed, and distributes finished CDs in as little as six minutes after a show. They have a bank of cd burners on site, and crank out copies recorded from the soundboard at the show. Their site says you can order shows from the website, but so far a search of doesn't bring up any listings. I'll keep you posted if they put any up for sale.

Here are the dates and locations:

07/26/2005 Massapequa, NY at John Burns Park
07/27/2005 Harrington, DE at the Delaware State Fair
07/29/2005 Toledo, OH at the Toledo Harley Dealership
07/30/2005 Mendon, IL at the Adams Country Fair
07/31/2005 Janesville, WI at the Rock County 4-H Fair
08/6/2005 Cambridge, OH at the Deerassic Park Ed Center
08/7/2005 Osceloa, NY at Cedar Pines
08/9/2005 Lucasville, OH at the Scioto County Fair

Go to a show, get a CD!

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Dwight Yoakam review saves the big news for last

Smoky Mountain News | Arts + Events: "The big news is that Dwight Yoakam will be performing at the Ramsey Activity Center Aug. 19 along with special guests, The Charlie Daniels Band. This special concert, which will benefit local charities and Habitat for Humanity, promises to be a rowdy Friday night in Cullowhee. Tickets are already on sale. "

The first few hundred words of this review of Yoakam's new album Blame the Vain makes it sound like a worthy album. Country, even! You can see him without his hat in the Wedding Crashers.

Rusty Wallace: CDB will make his event. News channel:In response to a question about Last Call events:

"The next one is in California and the very last one is in Houston with the Charlie Daniels Band, which I expect will be a big one. "

Put the CDB in there and it's already big. Zoom zoom.

Bam! Charlie takes it up a notch

Charlie Daniels Emeril Lagasse = Emeril Live!!! Taping on Aug 15th: "CHARLIE DANIELS TO TAPE EMERIL LIVE ON AUGUST 15TH

(Nashville) - The set of Emeril Live wouldn't be complete without the sounds of the show's lively band: Bandleader and percussionist Leonard "Doc" Gibbs, keyboardist Cliff Starkey, bassist Charles Baldwin, drummer Ted Thomas, Jr., and saxophonist Louis Taylor -- but wait -- no fiddle!!! On August 15th, a true Southern boy and a true American patriot fiddle around - in the kitchen - in a big way as legendary icon CHARLIE DANIELS will help create the music for a special edition of Emeril Live! The show will air in November date to be announced soon.

Charlie's latest Blue Hat/Koch Records album, Songs From The Longleaf Pines; A Gospel Bluegrass Collection has received rave reviews across America. Charlie most recently appeared on The Late Late Show w/ Craig Ferguson, GAC's Fabulous Fourth of July Celebration, and is scheduled for the CBS Early Show on November 19th. To date, Charlie has sold more than 20 million albums worldwide. "

Veterans outreach event to include Charlie Daniels

Veterans outreach event to include Charlie Daniels: "'It's going to be a day full of military pageantry, and a great show by The Charlie Daniels Band to end the evening,' said Steve Thurman, president of the Nashville concert promotion company Nordell Co., which works for Penn's Peak in Jim Thorpe. 'Our goal is to pack that stadium with 4,000 people that day. I hope we pack it and raise a lot of money for the Slate Belt Veterans Association.'
Thurman said he invited Daniels, an award-winning musician with hits such as 'The Devil Went Down to Georgia' and 'Long Haired Country Boy,' because he is 'an American icon' and an 'outspoken supporter' of U.S. troops. "

Charlie likes veterans.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Charlie Daniels Band - The Devil Came to Georgia - Free Sheet Music Riff

Charlie Daniels Band - The Devil Came to Georgia - Free Sheet Music Riff

You fiddle players trying to learn the Devil Went Down To Georgia...check this out. The sound clip and the sheet music. Yes really for violin. Two treble clefs.

- -

- -: "
“To say that Elvis was one of my heroes would be like calling the Pacific Ocean a mud puddle,” Daniels said.

This is a nice long article with some more cool quotes.

Daniels who put his patriotic views into print in his 2003 book called Ain’t No Rag: Freedom, Family, and the Flag, took his band to Afghanistan and Iraq last year to perform for the troops.

While there, he had the opportunity to visit the palace of deposed dictator Saddam Hussein and to sit in the despot’s chair.

“I tried to pose as disrespectfully as I could and still have the photo printed in family newspapers,” Daniels said with a chuckle.

Anybody know what picture this is? Sounds like it should be front page.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Charlie in Misery - Hillsboro, MO, that is

STLtoday - Neighborhoods - News: Charlie Daniels is coming to Hillsboro, and he's looking for a show to steal.

The poet laureate of southern rock and his band mates are co-headlining this year's Jefferson County Fair with 70s rock giants Kansas, the band famous for its existentialist lament 'Dust in the Wind' and the anthemic rocker 'Carry on My Wayward Son.'

Daniels promises a familiar set of tunes played a little differently each night.

'I'm in a constant competition with myself to play it better tonight than I did last night and better tomorrow night than I did tonight,' he said. 'And I've never played it perfect yet. It's just striving for perfection because you'll never play it as good as you want to and there's so much room for improvisation in our band.'

Though Daniels plays more than 100 dates yearly, he recently found time for a series of morale-boosting concerts for troops stationed in Iraq. Daniels, who had the chance to relax in one of Saddam Hussein's old thrones and pose for photographs, said the experience was a rewarding one.

'The troops were great, their morale is good and we are winning that war," he said. "We had a great time, it was a very satisfying audience to play to with a bunch of folks who are brothers and sisters and mothers and fathers that are thousands of miles away from their families. A little bit of support and knowing that somebody cares means an awful lot to them."

Daniels' musical career spans decades and multiple genres. His most recent effort, the gospel-tinged bluegrass CD "Songs from the Longleaf Pines," is somewhat of a departure for the country rocker who spent the 70s jamming with Lynyrd Skynyrd and Bob Dylan, an era Daniels recalls fondly.

"It was a lot of fun and we all had a great time together," he said. "We all started about the same time. Of course with Dylan, I only played in the studio with him but that was very much of a learning experience that I'll always cherish."

These days a Charlie Daniels Band audience is a multi-generational affair. The 70s diehards still come out in full force to enjoy classic hits like "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" and "Long-Haired Country Boy," but they often have new spectators in tow.

"It's a bit of both," he said. "We're in our third generation of fans. The folks that brought their children to see us, now their children are bringing their children to see us.

"We've got a section in our fan club called The Century Club. When you see 100 shows we give you a belt buckle. You'd be amazed at how many people have collected that buckle and have seen us 100 times."

Daniels, who says he's played "every town of any size in the Union," promises fairgoers a fun – and family friendly – experience.

"We do a good family show with the emphasis on the family," he said. "We want you to bring your kids. We won't do anything to embarrass you in front of your children. We do a good show. I don't want to sound like I'm bragging, because I'm really not, but I've devoted my life to doing this. It's a family show and a good hard driving show. I think people will have a good time."

The Charlie Daniels Band takes the main stage at the Jefferson County Fair at 9 p.m. Saturday. Co-headliner Kansas plays the main stage at 9 p.m. Friday.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Charlie's Soapbox

Charlie's Soapbox: "But you can treat these lunatics with respect, even deference and it makes no difference. They will still murder your children without giving it a second thought and the only kind of diplomacy they understand comes out of the barrel of a gun.

The world may as well go ahead and face it. There is a contingent within the Muslim world, which is dedicated to nothing less than the total annihilation of every man woman and child on the face of the earth who does not see eye to eye with them.

They actually believe that if they die murdering women and children who are not of their faith they will be eternally rewarded in a male dominated heaven served by scores of young virgins forever and ever.

How anybody on earth can be gullible enough to believe that you get to heaven by being a mass murderer is beyond me but I guess that just goes to show how strong the radical Muslim clergy’s hold is on these unfortunate young people.

They’re not going to quit. There is no quit in these people. They are fanatics, and what we do other than totally destroy them is not going to make any difference.

It’s certainly not a situation that we want to find ourselves in but the reality of the situation is that’s exactly where we are and the only question is are we going to recognize the situation for what it is and fight it tooth and nail or are we going to pursue the primrose path of passivity and go down the drain one building and a few hundred lives at a time?

For too long the west has been content to sit back and watch Israel deal with the terrorism problem of the radical Islamists
practically by themselves.

Times have changed, it’s the planet earth at large which is in danger, and our way of life hangs in the balance.

What it boils down to is, it’s them or us."

Charlie Daniels to launch Titans On 2 Campaign - Charlie Daniels to launch Titans On 2 Campaign: "Charlie Daniels to launch Titans On 2 Campaign

Nashville, TN – The Charlie Daniels Band will be featured in a series of television spots promoting the Tennessee Titans NFL team for the 2005/2006 season. Daniels wrote the new ‘Titans On 2’ campaign jingle, which advertises Titans games aired on the Nashville ABC-TV affiliate, WKRN. The spots will air on the network, as well as on the Jumbotron at every Titans home game at the Coliseum.

“When I wrote my version of ‘Titans On 2’ I tried to get the excitement of what I feel when I go to a Titans game and the love I have for the Titans. I really care about them. I was sitting in the Georgia Dome when they were one yard short, and I have a lot of admiration for them. They’re a bunch of fine young men. It was a labor of love for me. I thoroughly enjoyed doing it,” say Daniels.

Daniels recently performed the pre-show at the 2005 Super Bowl with Gretchen Wilson. Daniels has performed the national anthem at Titans home games during past seasons.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Harleys, Ohio, and the CDB

- -: "The Charlie Daniels Band will be in concert at 8 p.m. July 29 in the parking lot of Toledo Harley-Davidson, 7960 Central Ave., Sylvania. Opening will be Bobby May and Dry Bones Revival, Old Toothless Bastards, DeSo Latin Row, and Josh Boyd and the VIP Band. Doors open at 6 p.m.; general admission tickets are $27.50 in advance from 419-843-7892 and Ticketmaster, and $30 (cash) at the gate."

My collar's blue
My neck is red
I got great big ears
On the side of my head
Got a stripped down Harley
That's bad to the bone
And I can do the boogie woogie till the cows come home.

Chick band 'Cowboy Crush' plays CDB music

: "There will be hand clapping and foot stomping Saturday night at the Pratt County Fair when Cowboy Crush, a five-member, all-female band from Nashville takes the stage with their high-energy country music show.

'It's an extremely energetic show,' said lead singer Trenna Barnes. 'It's a combination of Charlie Daniels, Emmylou Harris with a little bit of Aerosmith mixed in.'

Unlike other so-called bands, this group of ladies sing and play instruments and play them well. Before forming the band two years ago, they had each established themselves as outstanding performers.

They were pretty sure they had something special in the way of a band when a representative of Curb Asylum Records came to hear them perform in a member's garage and were offered a contract before the band even had a name, Barnes said.

The performers the individual members have worked with reads like a who's who of country music. They have performed with or opened for Charlie Daniels (the groups favorite), George Jones, Alabama, Garth Brooks, George Strait, Vince Gill, Travis Tritt, Martina McBride, Leanne Womack, Confederate Road, Pam Tillis, Lonestar, Little Jimmy Dickens, Ray Price, George Jones, Allison Krauss and many more. "

These chicks managed to get Charlie Daniels mentioned four times on the front page of a newspaper in Kansas, and that should be advertisement for them enough. They say the CDB is their favorite band, too, so they must be good. At least we know they have good taste. If you're in Kansas, make the show!

Chris LeDoux, hall of famer.

.: Albany Democrat-Herald :. Archives: Chris LeDoux, for whom the 2005 Linn County Fair concert series is dedicated, was inducted posthumously last Saturday into the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame in Colorado Springs, Colo.
LeDoux and his band, the Western Underground, were popular around the rodeo circuit and performed nationally with Garth Brooks, Bon Jovi, Toby Keith and Charlie Daniels, among others. Daniels said he treasures the gift of a bronze sculpture hand-crafted by LeDoux.

On July 30, the governor of Wyoming will declare Chris LeDoux Day during the annual Cheyenne Frontier Days celebration.

Even cowboys like a little rock-n-roll heaven.

No Charlie=No Fair: Salono County Fair a Bust Without the CDB

Vallejo Times Herald - Home: "Fish-and-chips vendor Archer has his own explanation, blaming the lack of appealing live music for bringing down attendance. Last year when big-name bands like Smash Mouth and the Charlie Daniels Band were playing at night, he said, he raked in thousands of dollars.
'Now, nobody comes at night either,' he said.
Usually the stand requires four people to operate, Archer said, leaning back on his stool and chewing on a plastic fork while he waited for customers. Now he and one co-worker are more than enough."

See my review of the Salano County Fair show with the CDB here!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Free MP3 of the Devil Went Down to Jordan by Apologetix

You can pick up a free MP3 download of a parody of the Devil Went Down to Georgia by a band called ApologetIX. Check the column on the left and click for the MP3. They ask for you to join the fan club but it's free, so you'll get some email updates.

John the Baptist washed the Lord and there's where it all starts
Cause Jesus left the Jordan and the devil hit Him hard
And if He wins we get to walk on Heaven's streets of gold
But if He sins, the devil gets your soul

They have done a ton of parodies of pop songs with a Christian slant. They're very talented -- check out the rip off of Crazy Train about how Ozzy needs saved called, yep, Lazy Brain. One line:

There was a cola war and Ozzy succumbed
He’ll sell Mr. Bubble when MTV’s done

At the end of that song, a barely audible "I'm the Prince of Bubbles. Sharrrrron!"

This just in: Only Liberals (and rapists, sorry Kobe) in America Like Soccer. CD is none of the above.

Whittier Daily News - More Sports Headlines: "There's a certain sort of person who collects soccer shirts.
You can picture John Kerry in a soccer shirt, not George W. Bush. The Dixie Chicks, not Charlie Daniels. Paul DePodesta, not Bill Stoneman. Kobe, not Shaq."

New Gretchen Video To Include Charlie Daniels

Net Music Countdown: New Gretchen Video To Include Kid Rock: "Kid Rock is one of several stars in Gretchen Wilson's music video for All Jacked Up, the title track to her new album coming out Sept. 27.

Other guests: Charlie Daniels, Larry the Cable Guy, Hank Williams Jr. and MuzikMafia buddies Big & Rich, Two-Foot Fred and Fred's brother, Toby."

Friday, July 15, 2005

Charlie Daniels & Blue Hat Records Announce Exclusive Deal With Cracker Barrel @

Charlie Daniels & Blue Hat Records Announce Exclusive Deal With Cracker Barrel @ - 40 Top 20 & Top 40 Music Charts from 25 Countries: "'I'm proud to be associated with Cracker Barrel because we're a good combination,' said Charlie Daniels. 'We're both from Tennessee. We both try real hard to give people their money's worth and we're both American to the bone.'"

More on Charlie's deal with Cracker Barrel.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

SurfWax: News, Reviews and Articles On Charlie Daniels

SurfWax: News, Reviews and Articles On Charlie Daniels: "News and Articles on Charlie Daniels"

Keep this link handy if you like Charlie. It's practically a CDB newsfeed.


Daniels Follows Krauss To Cracker Barrel

Daniels Follows Krauss To Cracker Barrel: "A successful partnership with Alison Krauss + Union Station that resulted in the sale of more than 125,000 albums in just two months has executives at Cracker Barrel Old Country Store seeking out other artists for similar deals. Next up will be Charlie Daniels, who has just inked a deal to issue an album exclusively at the Cracker Barrel restaurant/retail chain.

The Daniels album, which does not yet have a title or release date, will feature patriotic music and versions of some of the artist's best known songs, including 'The Devil Went Down To Georgia' and 'In America.'"

Tuesday, July 12, 2005 Daniels brings the South to the Bend Daniels brings the South to the Bend: "Daniels brings the South to the Bend
Firefly hosts the largest crowd so far this year


Tribune Correspondent

SOUTH BEND -- St. Patrick's County Park is a few miles south of the Michigan state line, but when the Charlie Daniels Band took the stage Saturday night, it might as well have been hundreds of miles farther south.

The band, playing to the largest crowd of the Firefly Festival so far this year, evoked the true spirit of Southern rock, making the enthusiastic audience feel like they were all Southerners for this one night.

The Charlie Daniels Band members were pioneers -- along with the Allman Brothers Band, Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Marshall Tucker Band -- of Southern rock, effortlessly mixing country and rock without denying the roots of either.

Daniels and his band have come to symbolize the South in American popular culture, giving a voice to the average red-white-and-blue-blooded American."

Soldier proposes at CDB Show Soldier proposes at Firefly: "Jeremy Todd wanted to propose in a different way. He wanted it to be unusual -- but still very romantic.

Standing on the band stage between acts at the Firefly Festival on Saturday night, Todd, 28, popped the question.

Right before the Charlie Daniels Band took the stage Todd surprised his girlfriend of 8 months, Amber Bellew, 24, of Benton Harbor, by asking her to be his wife."

Friday, July 08, 2005

Band, Daniels set to 'cook' Band, Daniels set to 'cook': "Band, Daniels set to 'cook'
Concert to mix classics, bluegrass


Tribune Correspondent

Charlie Daniels, who recently released his first bluegrass album, performs at the Firefly Festival on Saturday.

The Charlie Daniels Band is best known for the country and pop chart-topping hit 'The Devil Went Down to Georgia.' Released in 1979, the song became an international phenomenon with triple platinum sales and gave Daniels his first Grammy Award, for best country vocal.

So how does Daniels find the inspiration and motivation to play his most popular song over a quarter of a century later?

'I get a chance to play it better tonight than I did last night, and better tomorrow night than I did tonight,' he jokingly explained in a recent telephone interview. 'I haven't played it perfect yet.'

Whether he has perfected the song by the time he performs at the Firefly Festival on Saturday may be in doubt, but Daniels promises an energetic show nonetheless, mixing classics such as 'Uneasy Rider,' 'Long-Haired Country Boy' and 'The South's Gonna Do It (Again)' with tunes from his latest album, 'Songs From the Longleaf Pines.'

'I don't want to sound like I'm bragging, but we cook,' Daniels said. 'I probably have the best band I have ever had. They are all really good, hot musicians. We thoroughly enjoy playing together.'

'Songs From the Longleaf Pines,' considered by many critics to be his strongest release in recent years, is surprisingly the premier fiddler's first bluegrass album. Daniels has enlisted the talents of legendary bluegrass stalwarts (Earl Scruggs, Mac Wiseman) and musicians from the new generation of bluegrass (Nickel Creek's Chris Thile, the GrooveGrass Boyz) to help with this collection of gospel standards, such as 'Working on a Building,' 'Softly and Tenderly' and 'Keep on the Sunny Side.'

"I cut my teeth on bluegrass," Daniels said. "In fact, the first serious band I was in was a bluegrass band. When the opportunity came up to do this album, it just seemed like the most natural thing in the world. It was kind of like going to have Sunday dinner with a bunch of old friends."

Working with the 81-year-old Scruggs on the album was a career highlight for Daniels, but it was not his first time playing with the bluegrass banjoist. That came with the Earl Scruggs Revue in the late 1960s.

"Earl is amazing," Daniels said. "We did this thing of introducing the album to the music community of Nashville. We had Earl come down, and we did 'Foggy Mountain Breakdown,' and people just wouldn't stop applauding. He is an amazing man."

In recent years, Daniels has become as well known for his political beliefs as he is for his music, but unlike many celebrities, he acts on those beliefs rather than just talking about them. Recently, he performed for the American troops deployed in Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Iraq and Germany.

"It was a life-changing experience," Daniels said. "The morale is good, but our troops are confused as to why all of the bad things are so magnified, and why the good things that are going on are played down in the major media. They don't think this country is getting a fair account of what is going on. I don't either, really. It is the future of our country. The stakes are a little higher than they are reporting the Michael Jackson debacle."

Daniels said that he has issued a public challenge to Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., and others to go with him to Iraq before they make any decisions about the war in Iraq.

"Our senators and congressmen, the people who handle the fates of our armed forces, should all go to Iraq," he said. "I don't mean to go and visit the diplomats. I am talking about getting out amongst the troops. You got these kids over there fighting, and you don't speak to any of them. You don't ask how they are doing. That is my impression of what is going on."

Daniels, an American music icon for more than 40 years, has the opportunity to reach a whole new generation of fans with the release of the "VeggieTales: Minnesota Cuke & The Search For Samson's Hairbrush" DVD on June 25. He co-wrote and performed the theme song for the latest installment of the popular children's animated series.

"I am still in the dark as to exactly what it is," Daniels admitted. "I don't travel in those circles. One good thing that I like about it is that it is a good Christian-based company. I am impressed with that. I had heard of it, but I didn't have any idea what it was. I had to ask some experts. You know, some people with kids."

How the "Minnesota Cuke" theme song will stand with his catalog of hits has yet to be determined, but chances are that if Daniels is still performing the song 25 years from now, he won't be satisfied until he has played it perfectly.